Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

MADISON, WI (October 24, 2022) — With U.S. midterm elections just weeks away, the pressure to mobilize and motivate voters is rising. How has our democracy changed in just the past two years? How will recent policies and Supreme Court decisions affect voter turnout? How much do political attack ads impact voter behavior — and does fact-checking those ads have any effect?

On the next UW Now Livestream, hosted by the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association, UW-Madison experts will discuss the upcoming midterm elections. The talk will be moderated by Mike Knetter, CEO of the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association.

Our featured guests:

Barry Burden, PhD, is a professor of political science at the UW and director of the Elections Research Center. He is also the Lyons Family Chair in Electoral Politics. His research and teaching are based in American politics, with an emphasis on electoral politics and representation. He is coeditor of “The Measure of American Elections” (Cambridge University Press, 2014), author of “Personal Roots of Representation” (Princeton University Press, 2007), and coauthor of “Why Americans Split Their Tickets: Campaigns, Competition, and Divided Government” (University of Michigan Press, 2002).

Michael Wagner, PhD, is a professor in the UW’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. An award-winning teacher, Wagner teaches courses focused on reporting, political communication, media and behavior, physiology and communication, fact-checking, public opinion, and opinion writing. His current research projects include studies of the influence of academic research on policymaking, partisan issue framing in the news media on the electorate, how people connect their religious views to their political preferences, the public consequences of political vilification in politics and the media, the influence of public opinion polls on public opinion itself, redistricting and representation, and more. He also runs the fact-checking website the Observatory with Lucas Graves. Wagner’s work has been widely published across a variety of disciplines and subfields in journals such as “Journal of Communication,” “Political Communication,” “Annual Review of Political Science,” “Human Communication Research,” and many others. His latest book, “Political Behavior in the American Electorate (with Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, William Flanigan, and Nancy Zingale), was published by CQ Press.

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