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‘The Insiders’ debate Republicans’ fight to keep district lines intact

The Insiders, Kanavas & Chvala, debate Republicans' fight to keep their legislative district lines intact. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

‘The Insiders’ debate whether Walker is the education governor

The Insiders, Kanavas and Chvala, debate whether Scott Walker is the education governor. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

‘The Insiders’ on Trump, Walker and Obamacare

The Insiders, Chvala and Kanavas, are back with a lightning round focusing on Trump, Walker and Obamacare. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Abdur Chowdhury: Walker’s prevailing wage repeal hurts vets

Repealing prevailing wage laws would hurt veterans disproportionately with no cost savings to justify the action.

Andrea Kaminski: Lawmakers should minimize partisanship in redrawing voting maps

A federal court has ordered the Wisconsin Legislature to redraw voting districts in time for the 2018 elections. This is a victory for voters, who have been voting in gerrymandered districts that were ruled unconstitutional in November.

Andrew Hanson: EITC expansion will help Wisconsin’s low- and middle-income workers

Gov. Scott Walker recently proposed expanding Wisconsin’s Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC. To the casual observer, this may not sound like exciting news, but for more than 100,000 Wisconsin families, expanding the EITC will mean more job opportunities, higher take-home pay and a less-resistant path to prosperity.

Bill Kaplan: Trump and Walker rule by constant deception

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. Trump called the Affordable Care Act...

Bill Kaplan: Trump losing, America and Wisconsin winning

Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson called Trump’s Muslim ban “a pretty reasonable proposal” and asked critics to read Trump’s executive order and “tell me (Johnson) what you disagree with”. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit did just that.

Bill Kaplan: Trump, Ryan and GOP on slippery slope

Trump has reprised Nixonian rhetoric, calling Trump supporters the “silent majority” and himself the “law and order” president. And, like Nixon he may be heading toward a constitutional crisis.

Bill Kaplan: Will safety net be shredded?

On Tuesday night, Trump will address Congress. Perhaps we will learn more about the Trump budget, including cuts to the safety net, domestic spending and humongous tax breaks for the rich and corporations. And, by mid-March the White House is supposed to release a budget outline. Will Trump release a health plan?

Brett Healy: Border adjustment tax just complicates tax code

Federal tax reform should lower and simplify everyone's taxes, not complicate the tax code even more.

Bruce Murphy: Milwaukee subsidizes the state

The city gets only 66 cents in state spending for every dollar in state taxes paid.

Bruce Murphy: Taking aim at voucher schools

A recent, in-depth story in the liberal American Prospect, “Milwaukee’s Voucher Verdict,” raises troubling questions about choice schools.

Bruce Murphy: The rise of anti-semitism

Study finds three-fold increase in Milwaukee metro area. Jewish leaders blame Trump.

Bruce Murphy: Walker exports union busting

Governor advises Iowa legislators on bill to decimate unions.

Bruce Thompson: Should state shift economic development strategies?

A differentiation strategy might work better than Walker’s low-cost approach.

Bruce Thompson: The curious politics of rural counties

New voting data shows their power, but makes their trust in Trump a mystery.

Buzz Davis: DeVos confirmation confirms need for political revolution & public financing

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. We Americans are pragmatic – when...

Buzz Davis: Ed Garvey is gone but not forgotten

Ed Garvey, the friend of many, the leader of "what could have been" and a good man has died and I am saddened.

Charles Sykes: Why nobody cares the president is lying

All administrations lie, but what we are seeing here is an attack on credibility itself.

Charlie Sykes: Scott Walker and the politics of austerity

Governor Scott Walker's new budget, which includes spending increases for health care and schools, seems to have taken some observers by surprise. It probably shouldn't have, since Walker has signaled rather clearly that he rejected what we called the "sour politics of austerity."

Chris Rickert: For state GOP, no shame in making taxpayers pay its bills

There is a lot of reason to ask questions about why the Republicans who control the state Legislature are using taxpayer dollars to hire private lawyers to represent them in a lawsuit challenging the state’s legislative district maps.

Chris Rickert: GOP to public schools: Set your own hours

Gov. Scott Walker's proposed 2017-19 budget eliminates a state requirement that most public schools offer a minimum number of hours of instruction per school year.

Chris Rickert: Madison restaurants serve up side of immigration politics

Signs on the door of the East Side Madison eatery identified it as a “sanctuary restaurant” with “a place at the table for everyone.” “All are welcome and safe here,” they declared.

Chris Rochester: Is the GOP serious about targeting Ron Kind?

The Republican Party could be putting plans in place to give Democratic Congressman Ron Kind the sort of challenge he hasn’t faced in his 20 years in the House.

Chris Rochester: Kind for governor? Here we go again.

Ron Kind For Governor would tickle the Democrats to no end. He is the Democratic bench in Wisconsin – and he’s perhaps the one Democrat with a good shot at defeating Walker.

Chris Taylor: Self-insurance could prove costly to state taxpayers

Recently, a group of 11 individuals, all appointed by Gov. Walker to the Group Insurance Board, almost unanimously voted to overhaul health care in Wisconsin by adopting a risky self-insurance scheme that will not only disrupt our entire health insurance market, but may end up costing taxpayers millions more.

Christian Schneider: Priebus not to blame for White House dysfunction

Ironically, if Priebus has shown "weakness," it has been that he hasn't been effective enough in reining in Trump. Trump's fanboys don't want Priebus to be "strong." They want him to be a sycophant.

Christian Schneider: Trump inching towards the Blago blueprint

The personal characteristics they share are evident: inveterate narcissism, hopeless delusion, coarse speaking styles, insatiable tastes for revenge and improbable hair.

Christian Schneider: Walker’s tuition cut doesn’t help those who need it

While the 5% tuition cut makes for a good sound bite, it's a lost opportunity to help the students that really need tuition relief.

Cory Mason and Dave Hansen: WI student loan borrowers need real relief, not political...

Earlier this week, Department of Financial Institutions Secretary Lon Roberts attempted to mount a defense of Gov. Scott Walker’s paltry plan that fails to provide real relief for student loan borrowers. Secretary Roberts’ column, however, merely highlights the many inadequacies of Walker’s proposal, which is geared toward his own re-election plans rather than helping working Wisconsinites.

Dan Benson and Dave Daley: The bureaucratic ‘skim’ of federal school funding

Managing federal education dollars is costing Wisconsin taxpayers millions and benefiting children hardly at all.

Dave Cieslewicz: Let Tammy be Sen. Baldwin

Sen. Tammy Baldwin announced last week that she would oppose Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. That’s fine by me, though I think Gorsuch is about as good a nominee as liberals can expect from the likes of Donald Trump.

Dave Cieslewicz: Lost in Wisconsin

The Democratic Party is lost in the wilderness. I went looking for it.

Dave Zweifel: DPI candidate Humphries clarifies his consulting work

State Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate John Humphries wants to set the record straight about his consulting contract with the Dodgeville School District, where he was the full-time administrator before deciding to run for office.

Dave Zweifel: Lawmakers look out for themselves while minimum wage erodes

Wisconsin legislators, faced with increasing costs to stay and eat in Madison, are in the process of increasing the so-called nontaxable per diem payments they receive.

Dave Zweifel: Send a message to Scott Walker by subscribing to threatened DNR magazine

Because the six-times-a-year magazine, which is completely supported by subscribers and not taxpayers, sometimes delves into subjects like global warming and its impact on the state's wildlife, Walker has decided it has to go.

Dave Zweifel: So far Donald Trump has done zilch for working stiffs

Donald Trump promised all of us that he was going to help America's forgotten working people who've been abandoned by the powers that be in this country. I'm trying to figure out, though, how this city slicker's initial actions are going to help the beleaguered working stiffs he claims to care so much about.

Dave Zweifel: Solar jobs surge, no thanks to Scott Walker

What was surprising is that despite foot-dragging in the governor's office, solar jobs in Wisconsin climbed to more than 2,800, up from 1,941 in 2015.

Dave Zweifel: State’s image has turned upside down

If the state has a bad reputation now, let's make it clear that wasn't so in the recent past. Yes, Wisconsin has always been the "dairy state" and famous for being a beer capital and the state with the publicly owned and highly successful professional football team the Green Bay Packers. But Wisconsin has also been known for its progressive government dating all the way back to the late 1890s

Dave Zweifel: We’ve lost a good man with the death of Ed Garvey

When Ed Garvey's good friend John Skilton called me early Wednesday morning to tell me Ed had passed away a few hours before, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

David Blaska: Searching for its identity, Democrats should lose identity politics

Today, Wisconsin Democrats are at their lowest ebb since, well, 1957. That’s 60 years, folks.

David D. Haynes: Why Democrats are wrong to fight Judge Neil Gorsuch

Sure, Democrats should play hardball but they shouldn't overreach.

Dominique Paul Noth: Anger at DeVos should benefit Evers in normally low turnout April...

National TV news anchors were calling out Wisconsin voters February 7 immediately after the US Senate barely approved Betsy DeVos as new education secretary.

Dominique Paul Noth: Comparing political town halls today and 2009

The Republicans in Congress, many back home during a recess, are being pummeled in ways far deeper and longer than the old Tea Party did to Democrats.

Dominique Paul Noth: MMAC dropping DeVos-style money into school races

MMAC conduit spending in state superintendent, Milwaukee school board races

Dominique Paul Noth: The Trump they voted for vs the Trump they have

He had voters who discounted his wildest behavior because they wanted a change. But even they can’t go on for four years watching him dog-paddle at the shallow end of the pool.

Edward A. Fallone: More doubts about the State Supreme Court’s resolution of the John...

The United States Supreme Court summarily affirmed the decision of a Three Judge Panel of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in Independence Institute v. Federal Election Commission. By affirming the panel in this case, the U.S. Supreme Court seriously undermined the legal rationale that the Wisconsin Supreme Court relied upon when it dismissed the John Doe investigation into possible illegal campaign coordination during the Governor Walker Recall Election.

Edward A. Fallone: Ninth Circuit rules 3-0 against Trump administration: Analysis and explanation

The Ninth Circuit issued an unanimous ruling in State of Washington v. Trump rejecting the Trump Administration’s motion for an emergency stay of the District Court’s temporary injunction.

Eloise Anderson: Ending the child care cliff helps families and rewards work

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. During his budget address, Governor Walker...

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Closed government tide keeps rising

Here’s hoping that alert citizens and reporters will keep watching local government to keep that tide down.
Paul Ryan

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Paul Ryan, an empty chair and a question

Should House Speaker Paul Ryan have attended a town hall meeting set up by Forward Kenosha on Sunday night?

Gary Wetzel: Repealing Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law would hurt veterans

If you cut construction worker wages by repealing prevailing wage laws — which everyone agrees will happen if prevailing wage laws are eliminated — veterans will be harder hit because veterans are more likely to work in the construction industry.

Gregory Humphrey: Reprising Wisconsin’s butter wars

The Wall Street Journal placed this state’s fight with Ireland over butter on their editorial page Saturday and to be honest there is no way we come across looking reasonable.

Gregory Humphrey: Wisconsin’s political icon Ed Garvey dies

Throughout his career there was never a time when Garvey did not weigh in with his hopes and ideals about the needs of voters and try to press our attention towards better policy outcomes.

Jake Curtis: Baldwin refuses to give Neil Gorsuch the courtesy of a fair hearing

Breathtakingly, even prior to the formal introduction of Judge Neil Gorsuch as President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, several Democrats hinted at a filibuster, a truly unprecedented move. Following Gorsuch’s introduction, no response rivaled that of Wisconsin’s Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

James Rowen: At violence-wracked youth prisons, Walker has a 16% solution

To get the state's scandalously-managed youth prisons into compliance with something called the federal "Prison Rape Elimination Act," Scott Walker in his budget is proposing a 16% solution. 50 new staff hires are needed for compliance: Walker's budget proposes eight.

James Rowen: Story Hill spared ruinous, costly I-94 widening. For now.

For now, we should be cautiously optimistic about Story Hill and the West side of Milwaukee being spared the loss of property, tax base, clean air, and peace of mind - - essentially, that segment of the plan is collapsing if its own unfunded weight and space limitations within the narrow corridor.

James Rowen: Trump’s EPA suppression echoes Walker’s takedown of WI DNR

The denial of climate change, the contempt for facts and a preference for the "alternative varieties," the disdain for science and public service, and the all-purpose elevation of right-wing ideology has spread from the Trump campaign to his administration and now to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

James Rowen: Two senior WI GOP leaders key to probe/remove Trump

If our Republic is to be rescued from the anti-democratic and corrupt Trump-Putin partnership, there is a relatively short list of influential Republicans who will have to step to the fore and put the American people ahead of partisan agendas.

James Rowen: Walker ignores science in push for state control over environmental regulation

One state's rivers or air pollution can seep or fall into another state.

James Rowen: Walker wipes out DNR magazine, keeps killing agency mission

Though its costs were completely covered by subscribers, and the Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine had a long and useful run, Scott Walker and Secretary Cathy Stepp are using the state budget to wipe out the credible, high-quality publication that published items no longer wanted by official Wisconsin.

James Rowen: Water is life, but not to WI GOP leaders

There are greedy corporations and their self-interested, thoughtless politicians who carry their water and team up to disregard the "water is life" truth.

James Wigderson: DOT audit exposes systemic problems

It's hard to imagine that any agency crying poverty as much as the Wisconsin DOT could be so reckless with the taxpayer dollar.

Jeff Plale: Opioid crisis demands bipartisan solutions

In 2015 more people in state died from drug overdoses than car crashes.

Jenni Dye: Don’t reward GOP obstructionism with court seat

Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court ought to be resisted.

Jennifer Cheatham: What we need is strong support for public schools

With a contested race for state superintendent of public instruction and a legislative session that is swinging into gear, much is at stake for public education in Wisconsin.

Jeramey Jannene: 5 election takeaways

A horrible turnout, a big night for Evers, and who the heck is William Crowley?

Jerry Bader: Are journalists’ tweets journalism?

If Twitter is simply another platform for a journalist to be a journalist, just as websites are an extension of their print or TV product, then should they be held to journalistic standards for expressions of 140 characters or less?

Jerry Bader: How does Trump’s war with the media end?

It could end badly for the president.

Jerry Bader: Trump defenders and sensitivity

Those who voted for the 45th president have two distinct world views on what’s offensive: One they apply to Trump, the other to anything negative said about Trump.

Jerry Bader: WI Supreme Court case could limit WI open meetings law

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Wednesday morning in a case whose outcome observers say could provide local governments with a workaround to compliance with the Open Meetings Act.

Jim Sensenbrenner: Reducing dependent care costs gives families a hand

On average, Wisconsin parents pay more than $9,000 each year for child care. That is nearly as much as one year of in-state tuition at the University of Wisconsin — Madison.

Jim Sensenbrenner: Rolling back regulations

Rather than helping Americans, overregulation has stifled innovation, stalled economic growth, and cost taxpayers billions of dollars in lost income.

Jim Sensenbrenner: The importance of town hall meetings

I have held regular in-person town hall meetings since I began serving in the House of Representatives. In fact, I host more than 100 public events each year. I’m extremely proud of this, and it’s something I believe is not only important for the sake of democracy, but it’s invaluable to me as I work to best represent the interests of my district.

JoAnne Brown: Walker’s latest UW-System power grab

Walker is once again attempting illegitimately to exert control over the UW System, contrary to the organizing statutes. The power grab exercised through the budget process reduces regents to mere functionaries, infringing on their statutory independence.

Joe Leibham: Keep up fight against opioids

While I no longer serve in the State Legislature, I maintain a strong interest in the public policy discussions taking place in our state capitol. As a citizen and taxpayer, I am pleased to see that policy makers from both sides of the aisle remain focused on moving forward additional measures to combat the opiate addiction epidemic confronting our state.

John Nichols and Brian Fraley: The state of Wisconsin politics

Jeff Mayers of WisPolitics.com moderates a discussion with John Nichols of the Cap Times and Brian Fraley of Edge Messaging LLC during the Wisconsin Counties Association Legislative Exchange.

John Nichols: Bernie Sanders: Ed Garvey was an inspiration to so many

"Ed was one of the smartest, funniest and most decent people I have ever known," recalled Sanders, when he learned Wednesday that Garvey had died at age 76.

John Nichols: Congressional Democrats are already warning Trump about impeachment

Progressive Caucus Vice Chair Mark Pocan says the president must resolve “direct conflicts in both domestic and foreign policy” or face constitutional consequences.

John Nichols: Tony Evers vs. the DeVos candidates

Superintendent candidate John Humphries declared in November that he was “thrilled” with Trump’s pick. Lowell Holtz, hailed DeVos’ confirmation this month as a “positive development.

John Torinus: Want Wisconsin road money? Then self-insure

For the Republican legislators looking for $300 million in the 2017-2019 state budget for road building, there’s a ready solution.

Jon Erpenbach: Seasonal unemployment changes hurting businesses and communities

Contact your state Legislators and ask them to support allowing a “winter hold” on employees to help your community and the businesses that keep it working.

Jon Peacock: The limits of Badger Care

Federal policy guidelines that were adjusted for inflation last week are worth examining because they help illustrate the challenges faced by low-income working families. They show, for example, that single parents with one child are currently ineligible for BadgerCare if they have a full-time job that pays more than $7.81 per hour.

Jonathan Krause: This democracy of which you speak …

So here we are on Election Day in Wisconsin, and where are all of these "social justice warriors" and "defenders of democracy"? I can tell you they certainly aren't on the ballot.

Joseph Pregont: It’s time to reinvest in the University of Wisconsin

I know how important it is to find ways to cut costs and increase efficiency. But because of repeated budget reductions across the UW System, our institutions have become more cost conscious.

Josephine Musser: For Wisconsin, market competition is the right way

The alternative is consolidation — fewer health plans, fewer consumer choices, potential disruption and reduced access.

Josh Zepnick: Kasich makes the right call for Ohio; will WI GOP do the...

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. Recently Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoed...

Julaine Appling: Hope for a dollar?

“Where else can you buy hope for a dollar?” This sad statement from gamblers shows the level of desperation too many reach in trying to secure their present and their future.

Kara O’Connor: A step forward for fair elections

A pair of recent Federal Appeals Court rulings have opened the door toward greater fairness in Wisconsin’s election process. Now our legislative leaders face a choice: will they boldly walk through that door and join the national movement toward nonpartisan redistricting? Or will they slam the door shut and defend their politically-motivated districts drawn behind closed doors?

Kathleen Vinehout: A few budget details that didn’t make headlines

Over the next few months, we will learn much more about the budget details. In the meantime, here are a few items of small print that didn’t make it in the Governor’s Budget Address.

Kathleen Vinehout: Searching for the ‘reform dividend’

What is the “Reform Dividend” the Governor spoke about in his budget address? Where is it? How much is it? An inquiring mind wanted to know.

Kathleen Vinehout: Walker’s budget makes schools more unequal

The equalized aid formula is broken. A number of plans were proposed to fix the formula including ideas I supported. But the Governor’s new plan does nothing to fix the formula.

Kristin Tate: Bannon and Priebus: The odd couple that holds Trump’s keys to success

The back and forth between the establishment GOP and the populist insurgent wing of the party is perhaps best personified by the relationship between White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Larry Gamble: Civil asset forfeiture reform defends constitutional rights

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. Americans love proclaiming Constitutional Rights protect...

Leon D. Young: The GOP’s blatant abuse of political power

Last week, we saw two blatant (and highly egregious!) examples of the havoc that results when the Republican majority opts to use its authority for nefarious and self-serving purposes.

Lon E. Roberts: New bureaucracy not the answer to student debt refinancing

This rise in student debt has caused some people to adopt a “sky is falling” mentality that leads them to the conclusion there is only one possible remedy to the problem: More government. Here in Wisconsin, some people are insisting that state intervention is the only panacea that will address student debt. This proposal is very costly – and unnecessary.

Lou Kaye: Walker proposes bailing out Act 10 with $659M

In what amounts to a huge admission of near-catastrophic failure, Gov. Scott Walker proposes bailing out the state's severely underfunded public schools, many of them teetering on insolvency since he enacted Act 10 more than five years ago.

Lowell Holtz: Commemorating Black History Month

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. As we begin to celebrate Black...
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Mark Pisch: Trump raises stakes for press, public

As law professors RonNell Andersen Jones and Sonja R. West recently wrote in The New York Times, while the First Amendment prohibits government censorship and offers protection against lawsuits, journalists have few constitutional rights to government documents and sources, or from being maligned by people in power. Trump, they noted, appears set on blowing up the “mutually dependent” relationships the White House press corps has had with presidential administrations from both parties.
Gray wolf. Credit: Gary Kramer / USFWS

Mary Falk: Proposal to delist wolves will lead to problems

We sure don’t need our state’s U.S. senators signing off on bills allowing wolves to be indiscriminately killed.

Matt Rothschild: Ed Garvey, corporate dragon-slayer

Ed Garvey was a modern-day Fighting Bob La Follette. He carried the torch of the progressive movement in Wisconsin for the last three decades. He was a corporate dragon-slayer, and an indefatigable fighter for democracy. He was our teacher, our preacher, and sometimes our comedian, as he was gifted with a delightful wit.

Matt Rothschild: GOP bill penalizes sanctuary cities

A suburban Milwaukee GOP lawmaker is resurrecting a bill that would fine so-called sanctuary cities up to $5,000 a day.

Matt Rothschild: How anti-abortion groups fund the GOP in Wisconsin

Outside electioneering activities, like mailings, broadcast ads and robocalls, from anti-abortion organizations totaled about $159,700 between January 2010 and December 2016 – all to support Republicans and oppose Democrats seeking legislative and statewide offices.

Matt Rothschild: Mega farms slather legislators, fundraising committees with cash

Several large farms with an interest in the issue of high-capacity wells have been throwing tens of thousands of dollars over to Republican legislative campaign committees.

Matt Rothschild: Scott Walker’s budget slashes good government boards

Tucked into Gov. Scott Walker’s budget are two proposals that would further imperil good government in Wisconsin.

Matthew Fernholz and CJ Szafir: Gorsuch a worthy successor to Scalia

If past is prologue, Judge Gorsuch’s record gives us every assurance that he will be a jurist bound by the text of the Constitution.

Mitch Henck: Donald Trump lacks humility

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck says President Donald Trump lacks humility.

Mitch Henck: Donald Trump’s talk needs to be smarter, or else

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" local radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on the words of President Donald Trump.

Mitch Henck: Donald Trump’s team declares all-out war on media

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck says Donald Trump's team has declared an all-out war on the media.

Mitch Henck: Ed Garvey was the real deal

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck remembers progressive icon Ed Garvey, who died Wednesday.

Mitch Henck: Free speech allows ugly speech

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposal for a law to protect offensive speech.

Mitch Henck: If you don’t fix public schools, you don’t fix education

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on education as Wisconsin voters face a primary in the state race for superintendent of public instruction.

Mitch Henck: Michael Flynn goes down because of lies

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Mitch Henck: Prediction — Donald Trump wins in Supreme Court

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" local radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on the court challenge over Donald Trump's travel ban.

Mitch Henck: Scott Walker pours gas on Act 10 fire

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck talks about Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal requiring school employees to pay health insurance costs as a condition to get extra money.

Mitch Henck: Scott Walker stirs Act 10 memories

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on Gov. Scott Walker's ultimatum to Wisconsin schools.

Mitch Henck: Scott Walker uses education to avoid trouble

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" local radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's education funding proposals.

Mitch Henck: Vintage Donald Trump lives on high wire

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on President Donald Trump's Thursday news conference.

Mitch Henck: Why is GOP picking on Elizabeth Warren?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" local radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents after Sen. Elizabeth Warren was rebuked by Senate leadership.

Owen Robinson: It’s about the spending

Gov. Scott Walker has taken the first step in Wisconsin’s biennial budget process by introducing his executive budget. Walker calls it a “reform dividend” budget that is able to boost spending thanks to the reforms enacted in earlier budgets. There is a lot to like about Walker’s budget, but it suffers from a fundamental flaw: it spends way too much.

Owen Robinson: Propaganda war

While there is certainly opposition to various policies, and some of it is quite intense, the efforts by Organizing for Action at town hall meetings to create and feed a fake perception is subversive and reprehensible.

Owen Robinson: The power and politics of the court

Almost exactly a year ago, the Conservative Lion of the Supreme Court of the United States, Antonin Scalia, passed away. His death triggered a titanic political battle that is only now beginning its final phase.

Patrick Gleason: Walker shows again why he is the most transformational governor of the...

With the unveiling of Governor Walker’s new budget this week, it’s clear the great reformer state is not done.

Patrick Testin: Prioritizing rural Wisconsin

We must prioritize investment in our rural communities, to keep them strong and to keep our state strong. By connecting the state with broadband infrastructure we can retain our way of life while simultaneously ensuring that the best jobs and opportunities are available to all Wisconsinites- not just those who choose to live in urban centers.

Paul Fanlund: Combating despair in Trump’s America

Put aside political tactics and let’s talk about emotions — specifically, how to cope during what many progressives and centrists regard as among the darkest political days of their lives.

Paul Fanlund: On education, Scott Walker plays intimidation game

Rebecca Blank and Tony Evers are accomplished public leaders, Blank as chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Evers as state superintendent of public instruction. These days they each sound eager to ingratiate themselves with a governor who has decided, for political expediency, to pause his hammering of their institutions for at least the 2018 election cycle.

Paul Fanlund: We may also need better voters

Voters who really understand what government can and cannot do may be what's needed to achieve better results.

Ray Allen et al: Now is the time to invest in our state’s future

As former classroom instructors, education administrators and school board officials, we know how important it is to invest in the children of this great state. We also appreciate the significant value that comes when educators are empowered with the tools necessary to control costs and make every dollar go further for the sake of students, and when parents have the opportunity to exercise more choices for their kids to access a quality education.

Rebecca Blank: The proposed budget for 2017-19

We continue to analyze the entire proposal and as we have delved into details of the policy items it contains, there are several areas about which we have concerns. Here are a few of the items we are closely tracking.

Robert Kraig: The great health care bait-and-switch

Only “we the people,” through the agency of our own democratic government, can guarantee health care to everyone in America.

Robin Vos: Federalism: This pillar of our past should be a building block for...

Our country needs to return to its federalist roots and allow states more power to innovate without unfunded mandates and federal regulations that have impeded the path of prosperity for far too long.

Ryan J. Owens: Cast a wide net when filling federal judicial vacancies

When appointing judges, President Trump and the Senate should cast a wide net. Their search should include nominees who fulfill their jurisprudential philosophies, whatever those may be. But the search also should focus on nominees who will be productive, high quality judges who can work effectively with their colleagues.

Scott Walker: Conservative reforms pay dividends

The state of our state is strong, and the state of our budget is outstanding. This is very good news, and we are able to make these important investments because our common sense conservative reforms are working.

Spencer Black: GOP track record on predictions leaves much to be desired

The examples abound when it comes to Republicans' frightful predictions about Obama’s policies.

Stephen M. Born: DNR break up just another quick ‘fix’

Instead of a knee-jerk reaction, how about doing an in-depth study to truly understand how best to protect the environment in Wisconsin?

Steven Walters: Evers, Holtz, offer real clash on issues

Incumbent state superintendent and challenger have fierce disagreements.

Steven Walters: Walker’s budget will lay re-election foundations

Governors often say this: You win or lose a campaign for re-election in the year before the actual election. Which explains the broad reach of proposals in the 2017-19 budget that Republican Gov. Scott Walker gives lawmakers Wednesday ...

Tammy Baldwin: Workers need Buy America commitment

American manufacturers and steel workers, like the men and women who work at Neenah Foundry, today help build our nation’s water infrastructure and they deserve a solid commitment from the president and Congress on a strong Buy America standard that rewards their hard work.

Tim Morrissey: ‘Concrete Clete’ and ‘Don the Bridge’ spinning in their graves

Concrete Clete and Don The Bridge are rolling in their graves, disgusted that a state once so progressive in building infrastructure now can only seem to throw its resources at building monstrous interchanges around the state’s bigger cities, while allowing the rest of our rural roads and bridges to crumble.

Tom Loftus: What could possibly go wrong when dealing with Russians?

A look at history should give President Donald Trump pause if he and his administration think they understand the workings of Russian minds.

Tom Still: Capitol action includes ups, downs for Wisconsin’s emerging economy

The return of the Wisconsin Legislature and the unveiling of the latest state budget plan has come with a mix of proposals tied to the state’s knowledge economy. Here’s a quick rundown of the pluses and minuses so far.

Tom Still: Slowly but surely, Wisconsin is building its entrepreneurial foundation

Today, a new generation of entrepreneurs and their partners are building Wisconsin’s 21st century “knowledge economy” on a foundation that has long included expertise in manufacturing and agriculture, but which has expanded to include health care, software, financial services, energy innovation and more.

Tom Still: Wisconsin has a chance to get into the race with autonomous vehicles

A century or more ago, there were plenty of people in Wisconsin who cringed at the thought of all those horseless carriages, motorized bicycles and boats buzzing about. And yet, it was precisely that kind of innovation that built a signature part of Wisconsin’s modern economy – and which can be repeated today with an aggressive welcome to autonomous vehicles.

Wendy Riemann: Advantageous Advocacy: What Isn’t Being Said?

We spend a lot of time thinking about what we will SAY in meetings with elected officials. We want our message and our ask to be perfect. However, we should also take note of what we DO in meetings, through our nonverbal messages.

Will Flanders: Rural Wisconsin needs school choice

Too often, school choice is Wisconsin is considered to be an issue only for Milwaukee.

William L. Holahan and Charles O. Kroncke: By executive order, Donald Trump buys Obamacare

For seven years, Republicans vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — insisting that they had a better plan to substitute immediately upon its repeal. Now that President Trump has taken the first steps toward repeal, we learn that Republicans have no such plan.

WisconsinEye celebrates 10-year anniversary

Over the past decade, WisconsinEye has proven that it will not only deliver on its promise to provide the evenhanded, gavel-to-gavel coverage the viewers have come to appreciate, but it will go above and beyond to create invaluable programs that speak to the hearts and minds of the people of Wisconsin – all without losing sight of its mission.

WisPolitics.com Book Club podcast with author Jack Mitchell

The latest edition of the WisPolitics.com Book Club podcast features an interview with Jack Mitchell, a professor in the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication, about his new book, "Wisconsin on the Air: 100 Years of Public Broadcasting in the State That Invented It."
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