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‘The Insiders’ on transpo funding and the Walker factor

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Kanavas, debate transpo taxes and the Walker factor. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

‘The Insiders’ tackle health care, state superintendent’s race

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chuck Chvala and Ted Kanavas, tackle the difficulties of Dems vs. Walker and Ryan and Priebus on health care along with...

‘The Insiders’: Conservative rank-and-file legislators driving Capitol discussion

The WisOpinion.com Insiders explain how conservative rank-and-file legislators are driving a lot of the discussion in the Capitol. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Analiese Eicher: A most unhappy anniversary — five years since U.S. student debt hit...

April 25 marked the fifth anniversary of student loan debt reaching $1 trillion in the United States. According to the latest estimates, over 43 million Americans now owe $1.4 trillion, making student loans the second largest consumer debt in the nation, more than what’s owed on credit cards or auto loans.
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Andrew Merluzzi: Trump to cut research on diseases he calls ‘horrible’

Trump’s plan would cut the National Institutes of Health by $5.8 billion — roughly 18 percent of its entire budget. For the NIH, which funds the vast majority of basic science on diseases like Alzheimer’s, this would be the biggest budget cut in history.

April Barker: Walker’s order on records is welcome

The order directs state agencies to track and post their record response times and, like last year’s order, gives procedural guidance that should make it easier for citizens to request and receive records.

Ben Brubeck: A Wisconsin lesson for Trump the builder

‘Project labor agreements’ drive up costs on public-works projects.

Bill Kaplan: Syrian missile strike

Congress must authorize President Trump's use of force against Syria.
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Bill Kaplan: Trump like Nixon, more cover-up

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. On Wednesday, North Carolina GOP Senator...
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Bill Kaplan: Trump takes health care hostage

Trump has a new scheme to make himself a winner: take health care hostage. Threaten to blow it up. Extortion, until the ACA is repealed.

Bill Kaplan: Trump, a new Korean War?

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. In 1945, Korea, then a Japanese...

Bill Osmulski: A thousand miles of crumbling roads in Milwaukee

The ultimate responsibility for local roads lies with local government. It doesn't matter what state lawmakers decide to do with transportation, roads in cities like Milwaukee will stay in terrible condition until the local government decides to make road improvement a priority.

Brandon Savage: What’s on the agenda for Wisconsin Democrats?

Right now, Wisconsin Democrats are losing their minds worrying about who’s going to run for governor. But the larger, more important question is this: What’s on the agenda if they win?

Brett Healy: Tax Freedom Day in Wisconsin…At last!

It's Tax Freedom Day for the Badger State, the day when hard-working Wisconsinites have finally earned enough money to cover their total tax burden for 2017, according to the Tax Foundation's annual Tax Freedom Day initiative.

Bruce Murphy: Hidden loaded guns and no training

Republican bill to end permits and training for concealed carry is dangerous.

Bruce Murphy: The failed promise of Miller Park

It didn’t make the Brewers more competitive, yet its price tag keeps rising.

Bruce Murphy: The man governors loved

Human weakness is eternal and there are always politicians and officials looking for help with their career or political fundraising. Which is why there will always be the influence peddlers, jostling to win favors and stay in power. But very few of those lobbyists ever did it with such rascally, unpretentious joy as Bill Gerrard.

Bruce Murphy: The tax handout for rich kids

State's “neo-vouchers” reimburse wealthy who send kids to elite private schools.

Bruce Murphy: Why Republicans couldn’t beat Evers

The incumbent superintendent was vulnerable. Why the GOP stumbled.

Bruce Thompson: ALEC and Wisconsin’s economy

ALEC ranks state high for its policies, but they haven’t improved economy.

Bruce Thompson: Should Wisconsin reconsider Medicaid expansion?

States that did saw the largest decrease in uninsured.

Bruce Thompson: Why Walker should expand Medicaid

Both the data and politics point in one direction: accept the federal funding.

Casey Hoff: Hitler analogies cheapen the Holocaust, expose ignorance

Comparing current policies or people to Adolf Hitler and Nazism is an embarrassing and insulting part of our political discourse. Such disgusting analogies almost always demonstrate gross political ignorance and reveal lazy arguments.

Casey Hoff: Hoff: ‘Death with Dignity’ important to end needless suffering

In Wisconsin, should a person suffering a slow and painful death from a terminal illness have the right to medically end his or her life?

Charlie Sykes: Trump has five options on Obamacare, but they range from bad to...

It's possible that the Trump-Ryan bill is merely mostly dead, rather than thoroughly demised.

Charlie Sykes’ ‘Indivisible’: How the war on drugs affects politics

On this episode of Indivisible, Right Wisconsin Editor Charlie Sykes asked listeners who are affected by the opioid crisis to call in and say how it may or may not have influenced their vote.

Chris Holman: Farmers deserve better

This week, just shy of 100 Wisconsin dairy farmers who produce for Grassland were notified they would need to find somewhere else to sell their milk.

Chris Holman: Farmers not buying false advertising on climate change

Unlike President Trump, we urge policymakers to consider the scientific evidence that atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide are increasing and global climate change is occurring, at least in part, as a result of man-made activities.

Chris Holman: Milking scapegoats

American farmers need to stick up for themselves and demand better for themselves, their families, their farms, and their animals. If we cannot muster the energy to do so in moments like this one, we never will. At that point, Canada won’t be around to scapegoat, and we’ll only have that reflection in the mirror to blame.
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Chris Rickert: Trump’s fix for ‘sanctuary cities’ more dangerous than illegal immigration

Cutting federal funds to local law enforcement would probably do more to harm to public safety than illegal immigration does.

Chris Rochester: Tax day reminds us how overgrown the government really is

A refund is just money you loaned the government

Chris Walker: Prisoner’s have rights — and Sheriff David Clarke needs to be held...

David Clarke should be removed from his position as sheriff.

Christian Schneider: Desmond’s ‘Evicted’ is a flawed masterpiece

As a graduate student in 2008, Desmond (who now teaches at Harvard) moved into low-income housing in Milwaukee and began documenting the difficulties poor people had keeping a roof over their heads.

Christian Schneider: Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner and the selling of lefty culture as ‘consciousness’

Corporations always try to capture the zeitgeist and monetize it; ask any child of the "grunge" era who began to see ripped jeans and large flannel shirts in J.C. Penney catalogs. And when political issues bubble up, they take their place next to the Geico gecko and the Most Interesting Man in the World as tools to move product.

Christian Schneider: Stop taxpayer funding of progressive talking points

While those who want to overturn Citizens United complain that "money isn't speech," their speech is being funded by taxpayer money that pays for their ridiculous advisory referendums.

Christian Schneider: There really is no escape from America’s liberal politics

From now on, there is no respite for the weary. You can run, but progressive condescension is going to find you. Politics get clicks, and clicks bring revenue. There is no incentive for all this new punditry to be accurate or fair.

Christian Schneider: Wisconsin Democrats look like an endangered species

While Democrats keep griping about partisan gerrymandering, they have lost sight of the fact that conservative dominance in Wisconsin has been statewide and complete. Progressives are even having trouble mustering up a candidate to run against Walker in 2018.

Christy Miceli: Paul Ryan needs to hear my Planned Parenthood story

Every year, Planned Parenthood’s health centers across the country provide more than 270,000 Pap tests and more than 360,000 breast exams. For nearly 72,000 patients, these lifesaving screenings catch abnormalities or cancer.

Danielle Endvick: At the mercy of the mailbox: Dairies dropping family farms

To the tune of a single sheet of paper in the mailbox, a farm’s legacy – maybe even generations of sweat and tears – could come to a close.

Dave Cieslewicz: Call me the loyal opposition

My fellow liberals, enraged by last November’s election, have taken to calling themselves “the resistance.”

Dave Cieslewicz: Did Democrats miss chance with Ziegler?

Liberal fury could have helped unseat the conservative justice.

Dave Cieslewicz: Did Tim Cullen decide he wasn’t partisan enough to run for governor?

Tim Cullen abruptly announced he would no longer run for the Democratic nomination for governor. Was it truly the evil of fundraising? Or did he think his spirit of compromise doomed him among partisan voters?

Dave Cieslewicz: Guns, rights and responsibilities

If the Legislature does eventually allow anyone to carry a gun without so much as attending a single training session, they won’t be upholding the Constitution; they’ll just be committing yet another ill-considered, even reckless, act in their endless quest to appease gun extremists.

Dave Considine: Industrial hemp is the crop of our future

At least 30 other states have enacted legislation that allows them to produce hemp for either research or commercial purposes. It’s time for Wisconsin to catch up.

Dave Considine: Show your support for the environment this Earth Day

Earth Day reminds us each year that we only have one environment, and that it is each of our responsibility as citizens to protect it.

Dave Zweifel: Compassion eludes Scott Walker and Paul Ryan

Nothing exposed the callous disregard these Walker and Ryan have for their fellow human beings than the recent debate — and debacle — over the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act.

Dave Zweifel: Congrats to Wisconsin — we’re like Arizona now

It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between our politics and what goes on in Arizona nowadays.

Dave Zweifel: It’s a sad day when money keeps good folks from politics

The media campaign, complete with its attack ads and spending that is provided by — laughably — "independents," makes it next to impossible to compete.

Dave Zweifel: Our macho ways mean no war will ever end all wars

Wars, like elections, do have consequences, but are not as easily undone. Instead, we have failed to heed the lessons we should have learned 100 years ago, intoxicated by an "America First" mantra that we can do no wrong and only those who are weak stand in the way.

Dave Zweifel: Please GOP, save us from ourselves

Sen. Duey Stroebel constantly harps about awful big government and how it's an ogre that hamstrings the independence of American citizens, but he's telling local property taxpayers the state government knows what's best for them.

Dave Zweifel: Remind me how deregulation makes things better

I hate to say I told you so, but the incident at United Airlines a couple of weeks ago was bound to happen because of the obsession too many of our politicians have for deregulation.

Dave Zweifel: Rep. Cory Mason deserves kudos for open government efforts

One of the few legislators with the courage to stick his neck out for open government in Wisconsin is likely to be leaving soon and that will be a loss for state government.

Dave Zweifel: Scott Walker beneficiaries should pony up

The state workers and the teachers were required to bail out the GOP and help provide funds for corporate incentives and tax breaks. Now today, private workers are being asked to sacrifice decent wages to fix the shortfalls created by the convoluted Walker style of government.

Dave Zweifel: They don’t make ’em like Bill Gerrard anymore

Bill Gerrard was known as a "wheeler-dealer" in his long career in the Wisconsin political scene, sort of a throwback to an era when despite all odds things got done.
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Dave Zweifel: Trump’s budget paves a road I don’t want to travel

Fortunately, Trump's budget proposals aren't expected to fly — at least in the draconian form he has proposed. But they are clearly a blueprint for the road on which we will now travel.

David Crowley: Why Blue Lives Matter is wrong for our communities

Legislation such as this does little to actually benefit law enforcement officers and is more of a political stunt used to label any elected official who does not support it as being anti law-enforcement.

David D. Haynes: After UW-Oshkosh scandal, ‘trust but verify’

The Legislature’s joint audit committee is calling for the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Board to audit the relationship between all UW System campuses and their legally separate, affiliated foundations. That’s an excellent idea.

David D. Haynes: Echoes of Wisconsin vote in French election

An ocean away, echoes of some of the same political themes that drove Donald Trump to victory in Wisconsin last fall are reverberating across France.

David D. Haynes: I-94 East-West rebuild should be state’s top priority

Following the expensive rebuilding of the major interchanges at each end of this stretch of freeway — the Marquette and the Zoo (now under construction) — it makes no sense to leave a bottleneck of an outdated freeway between them.

Debra Kolste: Help fix health care or get out of the way

We could fix what we have in Wisconsin and nationally. We could move toward something better. Tragically, our leaders don’t want better health care, even at lower prices.

Declining fortunes: WEAC suffered nation’s worst revenue decline in 2015

Wisconsin's largest teachers' union suffered a decline in revenue of more than $3 million between 2014 and 2015, the largest decline in the country, according to a new study by the Education Intelligence Agency.

Dominique Paul Noth: How to pick (or not) the right Democrat to run for...

I don’t know which is more distressing – the Democrats thinking the game is over because the party has not locked in lead candidates for Wisconsin governor in 2018, or the party assumption expressed at social gatherings that it has to be someone personally well heeled to take on incumbent Scott Walker.

Dominique Paul Noth: There is no sanctuary from trump’s idiocy on the law

The White House continued its careen out of control by adding sanctuary attacks to its judicial failures – and then criticizing the appeals court that has yet to hear the case.

Dominique Paul Noth: Will this democracy body-tackle Trump?

We’d better use the special elections and the big one in 2018 to surround President Trump with intelligent, knowledgeable people who can act as brakes on his worst impulses and weathervane views.

Dr. Richard Weiner: Your money or your life!

Medicine in the post-AHCA era.

Duey Stroebel: Reform needed to lower electric rates

Rates are 32% higher than neighborhood states. Proposed bill would address this.

E.G. Nadeau: A sustainable planet needs a sustainable population

Earth Day and its commitment to a sustainable environment should go hand in hand with a concerted effort to slow the world's population growth.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Spring elections aren’t worth the cost or the time

When less than 16% of voters show up on election day, we have a problem. Let's try to fix that problem.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Should Wisconsin stop mandating instructional hours?

Gov. Scott Walker’s budget calls for eliminating a state law that mandates a minimum number of hours and days of instruction for students, apparently making Wisconsin the only state without such a law.?

Gary Hebl: Republican majority votes for 130th time to erode local control

We have to be able to work with our local communities, and constantly telling them what they can and cannot do is not the way to accomplish that.

George Mitchell: Magical thinking on transportation

The governor’s statement that there is "more than enough revenue" to fund transportation projects is squarely at odds with current and proposed highway budgets.

Gregory A. Humphrey: Merit selection even more needed following high court recusal vote

Citizens deserve a Supreme Court that can be viewed as a fair arbiter on the big judicial questions that face the state. I take no glee in stating this vote undermines the court’s credibility and severely erodes its luster.

Gregory Humphrey: Should Wisconsin dairy farmers be subsidized for Canadian actions?

I have no grand answers as to how this should be handled. But I think this is a good time to have a sober discussion about the role of government.

Gregory Humphrey: Wisconsin needs tougher laws concerning gun stores

All gun stores should be required to to place all firearms in a safe or vault during after hours to prevent theft.

James Rowen: 3M, in WI — too big and wealthy to fine?

Records indicate that 3M could have easily paid whatever forfeiture Schimel had sought, and should not have been treated by Schimel as it it were a little startup business unfamiliar with Wisconsin rules, procedures and expectations.

James Rowen: For Walker, Earth Day is just another Saturday

Walker disdains Earth Day, as he also disregards the environment, also because Earth Day focuses attention on former Wisconsin Governor and its founder Gaylord Nelson.

James Rowen: Trump tax cut/job growth ‘plan’ echoes Walker’s WI fail

Donald Trump yesterday tossed out a skimpy, one-page outline of his 'growth-through-tax cut plan' that had less to do with real planning and more to do with getting a First 100 Days photo op on the record.

James Rowen: Walker plays politics with state road dollars

You may think this is the Passover and Easter season, but for motorists negotiating Wisconsin's crumbling highways, there's been something of a Festivus miracle.

James Rowen: Walker says Trump’s water program cuts harmful. But look who’s talking

Right-wing WI Gov. and long-time pollution enabler Scott Walker has finally found a cut to environmental protection he can't stomach: the full elimination of Great Lakes restoration funding proposed by President Trump.

James Rowen: Walker’s policies hurting small farms

High capacity wells help big agriculture, hurt small farms, environment.

James Rowen: WI boosts big dairies & supply; smaller farms threatened anew

Some things to think about the next time you buy a gallon of milk or turn on your kitchen tap.

James Rowen: WI Senate OK’s privatization of public groundwater

If the Assembly follows suit, Walker will sign the bill as fast as you can 'check's in the mail,' and people living or fishing or working a small farm nearby or downstream can watch the big users with their high-voile wells hold those withdrawal rights in perpetuity.

James Rowen: Wis. water grab accelerates, permanent privatization on horizon

There's no way to minimize the environmental and legal disaster being imposed on Wisconsin and its publicly-owned waters by conservative donors and corporately-manipulated Republicans who occupy and are coordinating the Governor's Office, Legislative majorities in both chambers, the Office of Attorney General, all relevant stage agency management positions and a 5-2 majority on an openly-conflicted, giddly-greedy State Supreme Court.

James Rowen: Wisconsin Supreme Court reifies ‘judge shopping’

In Wisconsin courtrooms, you're going to need a good lawyer and a good credit score.

James Sensenbrenner: Obamacare is failing Wisconsin

This disastrous law is bad for Wisconsin and bad for America, which is why Republicans are working to repeal and replace it with a plan that increases access to coverage, lowers premiums, and provides more options for health care consumers.

James Wigderson: Environmentalist arguments against Waukesha water deal run dry

Every one of the The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative's concerns about the diversion have been answered. Every concern expressed by the environmentalists has been answered. All that's left is empty liberal animus towards conservative Waukesha.

James Wigderson: Ron Kind is wrong about Obamacare

Kind shouldn't expect a different health care outcome from Medicaid expansion than from the sprawling Veterans Affairs hospital system, which Kind is familiar with now, and neither should taxpayers.

James Wigderson: Would Democrats filibuster Gorsuch if Trump was normal?

Are Trump’s erratic behavior and low poll numbers a factor in this fight?

Janet Bewley: Voters deserve say on voucher spending

Bill proposes same oversight voters have over public school revenue.

Janet Bewley: Voters deserve say on voucher spending

As long as voucher schools are being paid for by local taxpayers and districts are forced to face the voters to keep the lights on, local voters should have the same say on voucher spending they have on public schools.

Jerry Bader: Are Wisconsin Republicans really putting the U.S. Constitution at risk?

Pundits on both the left and the right say the threat of a constitutional overhaul is real.

Jerry Bader: Convenient Wis. Dem amnesia on Senate filibuster

A decade ago not one Democratic senator opposed Gorsuch’s confirmation for a seat on the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 10th Circuit based in Colorado.

Jerry Bader: Democrats in disarray

The Republican Party of Wisconsin launched a website Thursday morning with the aim of bringing the dysfunction of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin into sharp focus.

Jerry Bader: Did Dems open the door to 51 votes in Senate for legislation?

One thing all observers seem to agree on is that the decision by Republicans to employ the “nuclear option” to secure the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has forever changed the Senate. The question now is how much?

Jerry Bader: Wisconsin’s ‘lead pipe bills:’ Looking beyond the scary headlines

Who is going to pay for lead pipe replacement?

Jesse Kremer: Campus free speech: The pillar of a democracy

Invited speakers shall be allowed to speak freely and without interference, regardless of ideology, and Wisconsin’s institutions must have rules in place to ensure that faculty and students are not mandated to publicly express a given views on social policy, but rather, to openly challenge popular, politically-correct opinions and truths.

John Nichols: Actually, Democrats should be optimistic about 2018

Wisconsin Democrats need to get to know Wisconsin a little better. It would give them confidence going into the 2018 gubernatorial race.

John Nichols: Mark Pocan’s got the right focus: future of work and wages

Mark Pocan is focused on the future. And the work he does now will do far more to shape that future than the empty promises of Koch brother corporatists like Walker and self-absorbed grifters like Trump.

John Nichols: The scorching shamelessness of the Wisconsin Supreme Court

The court’s collapse as a functional branch of state government was confirmed last week when the five-member majority refused to abandon the practice of justices ruling on cases involving major financial backers.

John Nichols: Wisconsin rejects Betsy DeVos

Trump administration Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos did not have her name on the ballot when Wisconsin voted on the future of public education earlier this month. But the DeVos agenda was up for consideration. And it lost. Overwhelmingly.

John Torinus: Trump could save the Great Lakes

Instead of cutting funding, he could address invasive species that are destroying the lakes.

John Torinus: With high court victory, Wisconsin looking more red than purple

The pivotal but almost unnoticed highlight of the spring elections in Washington County was the reelection of local favorite Annette Ziegler to a second ten-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Jon Peacock: Federal Medicaid funds critical to schools

State schools got $107 million in 2015, helped pay for school nurses, speech therapists.

Julaine Appling: Planned Parenthood has a choice, but it’s one it will never make

If Planned Parenthood really cares about women’s health, it can keep the taxpayer money that makes up 50% of its revenue by getting out of the abortion business.

Juran Cook: ‘Right to try’ bill would give hope to those fighting terminal illnesses

We are being denied access to the only lifelines we have: therapies showing promising benefits in clinical trials.

Kathleen Vinehout: Meth epidemic overwhelming counties

Staggering increases in addiction. Help from state is needed.

Kevin Binversie: Is cronyism killing common sense conservative reforms?

Grocers Association blocking the free market.

Kevin Binversie: So Baldwin’s now for tax simplification? Not so fast.

A cadre of liberal senators believe America’s real tax problem is how companies like Quicken make money with products like their Turbo Tax software, not the fact that the tax code is so complex. They fail to see the forest from the trees to realize that filing one’s taxes is so much of a hassle that the average taxpayer needs help.

Kevin Binversie: Wisconsin’s road spending hardly being starved

When adjusted for inflation, the state is spending more on roads today in the last two Thompson-era budgets.

Lauren Parrottino: Scott Walker and the era of welfare reform

Governor Scott Walker and Republicans across the country are paving the way for more experimentation and innovation in their efforts to help people move from dependency to work.

Lena Taylor: A fresh start

I became a legislator to change our justice system after being a lawyer in it for under a decade. My next legislative installment, the Fresh Start Package, is a part of my continued effort to create that change.

Lena Taylor: A healthier outlook on life

Milwaukee was once the healthiest city in the country. It won the award so many years in a row that they stopped the contest. That was in 30s and 40s. Things are much different now.

Lena Taylor: Earth Day reminds us of our responsibility to our planet

When our water, our air, and our soil are clean and healthy, so are our communities. The planet we leave our great grandchildren will be our most important legacy.

Lena Taylor: Getting smart on guns

A life is taken by gun violence every three days in the City of Milwaukee. If someone died every three days from a preventable disease, you’d better believe we’d be working to find a cure for that. So why are guns any different?

Leon D. Young: The Republican obsession with block grants

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates recent Republican block grant proposals could cut Medicaid spending by as much as a third over the next decade. The cuts would start small, growing larger over the years.

Leon Young: A bad day at the office

March 24, 2017 is a date that Donald Trump and his gaggle of billionaire fat cats should long remember. It’s the date that Trump failed to deliver his first major deal to his ardent supporters.

Leon Young: The double standard in drug addiction

If prescription meds were the gateway drug to an opiate addiction, there’s a medical response that’s being advocated. However, if one’s addiction stems from another kind of abuse, the response is generally criminal in nature. Shouldn’t all drug abuse be treated the same? And, shouldn’t there be a concerted effort to provide treatment instead of prison?

Leon Young: The GOP’s cure for homelessness

The very notion that Republicans have suddenly found religion and are genuinely concerned about the plight of the homeless is hard to believe. Not to mention that many of the public policy prescriptions that Republicans have advanced have exacerbated the problem for the most vulnerable residents in this state, which includes the homeless population. In my opinion, this new package of homeless bills is merely much to do about nothing.

Mandy Wright: The billion dollar question(s) facing Wisconsin schools

The last three biennial state budgets in Wisconsin saw the enactment of dramatic reductions in state spending on K-12 public education. As you may have guessed, deciding to spend less on education as a state has not meant that education is any less expensive today than it was four budgets ago.

Mark Miller: Waters of Wisconsin and high capacity wells

High-capacity well permits must be for a fixed duration like every other environmental permit.

Matt Rothschild: Eight Wisconsin referendums all pass opposing corporate personhood

Yesterday, eight more communities in Wisconsin voted by overwhelming margins that they want to see the U.S. Constitution amended to curb the role of money in politics. Monona had the highest margin, with 91 percent voting in favor.

Matt Rothschild: Iowa takes Walker’s advice, crushes workers

Iowa Republicans rolled back collective bargaining rights for public employees and lowered the minimum wage in four counties that had raised it. Now no county can have a minimum wage above the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour.

Matthew Rothschild: Koch brothers are behind GOP bill to wipe out prevailing wage

The latest effort to fully repeal state and local prevailing wage laws matches the agenda of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a special interest bill mill that hawks pro-business economic and social policy proposals to state legislators around the country. ALEC has received funding from Charles and David Koch, and Koch Industries is a member of ALEC.

Matthew Rothschild: Koch-backed Texas group lobbying in Wisconsin

A rightwing group called the Texas Public Policy Foundation started lobbying in Wisconsin for the first time last month.

Matthew Rothschild: Wisconsin’s high court does hack job on recusal petition

With the decision, judges in Wisconsin will continue to be perceived to have a price tag hanging from their robes.

Mike Cummens: Sensenbrenner is wrong; Obamacare works well for Wisconsin

It is time for Sensenbrenner to face the facts. Obamacare is popular. It is not failing. He can continue to work against it or he can help his constituents afford quality health care.

Mike McCabe: Wisconsin’s biggest problem

The biggest problem of all is that Wisconsin appears to have lost its ambition to be first or best.

Mitch Henck: Bill O’Reilly and the politics of sexual harassment

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on the ouster of Bill O'Reilly from Fox News.

Mitch Henck: Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation reveals hyperpartisanship

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court justice.

Mitch Henck: Supporters unfazed by Donald Trump negatives

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck says the people who voted for Donald Trump are still strongly in his corner.

Mitch Henck: US right to act against chemical weapons

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents about last week's missile strike against Syria.

Mitch Henck: Who will challenge Scott Walker?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on Democrats who might come forward to challenge Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Mitch Henck: Why conservatives lose in Madison local races

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck shares his two cents on why conservatives have a tough time winning local elections in Madison.

Mitch Henck: With Cullen out what will Democrats do?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck says what Democrats should do now that Tim Cullen out of the run for governor.

Nick Fouriezos: Could Dale Kooyenga topple Tammy Baldwin?

Kooyenga may be the right answer to one of the left’s strongest voices.

Owen Robinson: Drifting toward Damascus, the sequel

There are no good answers left for America in Syria. There was a time when direct American intervention could have yielded positive results, but that time has passed.

Owen Robinson: Finish the job and repeal prevailing wage

While it was disappointing that Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law as not fully repealed in 2015, state lawmakers now have the opportunity to finish the job for the benefit of state taxpayers.

Patrick Durkin: DNR won’t tell you, but CWD-infected deer numbers surging

The DNR’s latest press release basically dismisses CWD’s ever-worsening spread by noting most sick deer came from Wisconsin’s “southern farmland zone.” True, but disease rates again set records across that zone, which covers much of south-central to southwestern Wisconsin.

Patrick Testin, et al: An introduction to the Wisconsin Veterans Farm Bill of 2017

Bill would bring together Wisconsin's traditions of military service and agriculture.

Paul Fanlund: ‘Sophisticated resignation’ is a bad option

Nothing has befuddled me quite as much as Trump voters who stand by him even when he moves to kill government programs that have greatly helped them.

Paul Fanlund: A saga of working-class struggle in ‘Janesville’

Author Amy Goldstein’s greatest accomplishment in “Janesville” is helping the rest of us genuinely feel what living this slow-motion nightmare is actually like.

Paul Fanlund: Our international crises through a UW-Madison lens

Perhaps students can be forgiven for not dwelling on international topics when the disorder and day-to-day upheaval of politics at home in the Trump era are so, um, captivating.

Paul Fanlund: Turning the page on ‘what if?’

Forget the current media swirl around the epic failure of Donald Trump’s first 100 days. It’s the awful and surreal November election night that still haunts some of us.

Peter Engelke and Robert A. Manning: Trump’s cuts to federal research dollars will...

The Trump administration’s first budget proposes deep cuts to the federal government’s research and development funding. Since World War II, federal investment has been by far the nation’s most important source of funding for basic science and has been behind nearly every breakthrough technology of the postwar era. This funding supports hundreds of private and public universities nationwide, including in Wisconsin.

Rebecca Bernstein: Walker’s drug testing for Medicaid proposal is detrimental to the health of...

Gov. Scott Walker, in response to Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s request for states to “innovate” their Medicaid programs, has laid out a proposal that would decrease access to health care for our most vulnerable, humiliate and marginalize those with addiction, and increase government bureaucracy.

Rebecca Blank: Establishing outcome metrics in the next budget

I have no problems with accountability requirements. Indeed, the entire UW System already reports on a series of accountability measures that can be found here. But the devil is in the details when you start trying to figure out how to tie the distribution of dollars to these metrics.

Rebecca Blank: Urging renewal of research partnership

Chancellor Rebecca Blank’s new blog entry highlights the AAU’s statement urging the renewal of the partnership between the federal government and research universities.

Rev. Willie Brisco: Transit: A state of emergency

It is imperative that we find a way to change the paradigm of Milwaukee and state so that transit becomes a priority. The health and wealth of this community depends on a modern mode of mass transit.

Richard Chandler: Wisconsin’s tax climate has improved dramatically

We’ve made Wisconsin’s tax climate much more competitive and we want to reduce income and property taxes even more in the next two years to keep our momentum going.

Robert W. Poole Jr: Wisconsin should act now on interstate tolling

Wisconsin needs to solve its highway funding shortfall, and toll-financed Interstate modernization is a powerful tool for doing so.

S. Mark Tyler: Early childhood investments are a win for families and the economy

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. As the head of a manufacturing...

Scot Ross: We’re seeing something — let’s say and do something

It seems that almost every day there is a new outrage in our national, state or local politics.

Scott Ross: Walker gave over $1 billion to the rich, but has no evidence...

In recent testimony before the Legislature, the Secretary of the Department of Revenue for the Walker administration claimed that a runaway manufacturing and agricultural tax giveaway to the wealthy and corporations enacted in the 2011 state budget is helping create jobs. But in response to an open records request by One Wisconsin Now seeking documentation to back up Rick Chandler’s job creation claim the agency replied: “We do not have any such records.”

Scott Walker: Invest in student success and a strong workforce

Our state budget invests more into K-12 education than ever before in Wisconsin.

Spencer Black: High court brought dismal reputation upon itself

The state Supreme Court has become known for its extreme partisanship, abysmal ethics, lack of judicial temperament and independence, and misbehavior by justices and their refusal to punish such misbehavior. Little wonder the court has attracted such a long list of critics.

Spencer Black: United fiasco illustrates dangers of degregulation

At the heart of both the corporate greed of United and the Trump deregulation push is the questionable ideology that the free market alone can be relied upon to serve the needs of Americans.

Steven Walters: Bill would end ‘revolving door’ lobbyists

Would require one-year wait for ex-legislators and legislative aides to become lobbyists.

Steven Walters: State targets tax evaders

New enforcement agents could collect $400 million in taxes owed.

Steven Walters: Voters approve $1.8 billion for school projects

In addition, voters give 24 districts permission to exceed state-imposed spending limits.

Tamarine Cornelius: State taxes lowest for wealthiest

Top 1% of state pay 6.2% of income, middle-class pays 10%.

Tara Golshan: Scott Walker wants to let schools cut down on class time. That’s...

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker doesn’t seem to care how many hours schoolkids are in the classroom, as long as they can pass standardized tests — a proposal that could go against the academic consensus that time in the classroom matters.

Tia Nelson: It’s time to renew Earth Day’s bipartisan commitment to a clean and...

No one can question the fundamental duty of government to protect the health and well-being of its citizens. Like our national security and public safety, protecting public health and the environment is a basic government responsibility.

Tom Barrett: Support homeownership; keep deduction for local taxes

Members of Congress must continue to encourage middle-class homeownership, and a key part of promoting homeownership here in Wisconsin is the deductibility of local property taxes.

Tom Frazier: Money doesn’t talk, it screams

We must dilute the undue influence of money in politics, starting with full and public disclosure of political contributions and spending—even the Citizens United decision didn’t prohibit that and if people’s intentions were good they would not feel it necessary to hide their “free speech.”

Tom Loftus: 100 years ago, Bob La Follette’s speech changed Wisconsin

One hundred years ago, on April 4, 1917, Wisconsin's Republican senator, "Fighting Bob" La Follette, voted against entry into World War I and gave an impassioned and prophetic speech.

Tom Loftus: UW doesn’t need state law to ensure free speech

The UW Regents and the chancellors have performed well throughout the history of the university in protecting free speech and have fended off elected officials wanting to restrict that speech.

Tom Still: Tech taking larger role in Wisconsin’s economy

Agriculture, manufacturing and tourism are the holy trinity of the Wisconsin economy and may always be so, given the state’s rich traditions in all three sectors. Technology increasingly drives each of those sectors, however, and is slowly building an impressive standing of its own in terms of the jobs and value it adds to the Wisconsin economy

Wendy Riemann: Advantageous Advocacy: The FUP

Follow-ups demonstrate a person is engaged, cares about outcomes, and is willing to pound the pavement on the issue.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate transportation, self-insurance

With the Joint Finance Committee preparing to vote on Monday, the WisOpinion.com Insiders, Chvala & Kanavas, debate transportation, self-insurance, education and more. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisPolitics.com Book Club: Podcast with Amy Goldstein

Washington Post reporter Amy Goldstein, author of "Janesville: An American Story" about the closing of the GM plant, talked to the WisPolitics.com Book Club...
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