CONTACT: Rep. Ohnstad, 608-266-0455

MADISON – Today, Representative Tod Ohnstad (D-Kenosha) condemned legislation adopted by the State Assembly jeopardizing the environment and women’s health.

“Now-Governor Walker was right when he voted for Wisconsin’s Prove-It First law. This commonsense law was passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority for a simple reason: mining companies should prove they can operate safely before setting up shop in our state. Acid mining is a grave threat to the public health of Wisconsinites, as well as the state’s growing tourism industry. We should not expose families and industries to the toxic dangers of acid mining until these mines are proven safe. The Legislature should focus on real job creation bills, rather than promising mining jobs which failed to materialize in the past.

“Republicans also continue their cruel and unnecessary attacks on women and public employees for no reason. Denying women’s Constitutional rights as they face the difficult challenges of complicated pregnancies makes no sense. We should focus on making sure all women have access to the health care they need. Yesterday, the Assembly took a drastic step in the wrong direction.

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