The conservative Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin today unveiled a TV ad that charges U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is “standing in the way” of overhauling the nation’s tax code.

The group said the “seven-figure” ad buy will run on local TV networks and cable across the state for three weeks beginning Friday.

The spot does not mention Baldwin, who’s up for re-election next year, until the end of the 30-second ad. It features a woman looking directly into the camera who says people are sick of politics, but fixing a broken system isn’t about politics, but helping people.

“It means the powerful, the well-connected, the politicians — they’ll stop benefiting from a rigged system,” the woman says.

She adds it means everyday Americans would have more to spend on what’s important to them before asking, “So what’s stopping us?”

The ad then cuts to an image of Baldwin, D-Madison, and a phone number as the woman says, “Sen. Baldwin is standing in the way of a simple, fair tax system.”

See the spot:

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