Madison, Wis. – Today, the Wisconsin Department of Justice asked the United States Supreme Court to overturn a decision issued by a panel of three judges in Whitford v. Gill, which invalidated Wisconsin’s Assembly districts.

“I am proud to defend Wisconsin’s law and have asked the highest court in the land to take action to protect our legislative districts,” Attorney General Brad Schimel said. “Wisconsin’s redistricting plan is so reasonable that it would pass muster under any legal test ever proposed by any Justice of the Supreme Court.”

Wisconsin’s brief explains that the basis of the entire lawsuit—“partisan gerrymandering”—has never been adopted by the Supreme Court and cannot succeed if a legislative plan follows traditional redistricting principles, which Wisconsin did.

After briefing is complete, the Court will decide whether to “note probable jurisdiction,” in which case, the Court would hear arguments during October Term 2017.

The case is being handled by the Wisconsin Solicitor General’s Office.

See the court filings:

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