Alderman Rainey: Great news for Milwaukee –by way of California

Milwaukee, Century City and rail car builder Talgo received a huge positive boost last week when the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved overhaul work on an additional three dozen rail vehicles at Century City. The move helps to secure the future of Talgo’s work in Milwaukee over the next several years after the company left when its contract to build trains for a high-speed rail line from Milwaukee to Madison was abruptly canceled by the state

Last year Talgo announced it would bring the work on a $73 million contract with L.A. County to Milwaukee. The contract called for Talgo to overhaul 38 rail vehicles by replacing internal systems, including propulsion, braking, and other controls. The transportation authority had the option to have Talgo provide the same services on an additional 36 cars and exercised the option just last week.

I applaud Talgo for having the acumen and flexibility to move into overhaul and repair/remanufacturing work, and how they have adapted and made their Century City facility hum with activity and production. The valuable jobs they provide are part of the lifeblood of the 7th District and the city as a whole, and we are grateful for their positive contributions to Milwaukee.