Statement of Alderwoman Chantia Lewis:

The 9th Aldermanic District is one of the city’s safest districts, but I have been pushing for a coordinated effort with MPD to address the increase in reckless driving since I took office.

The issue is not unique to my district or to any area of the city as it is well known that the entire City of Milwaukee has seen an increase in reckless driving, particularly at some of our major intersections. Chief Flynn has implemented a department-wide strategy of “Surge” traffic enforcement in hot spot crime areas and hot spot crash areas through the end of 2017 with the goal of reducing violent crime and traffic crashes. As a result of the surge, there have been more than 400 traffic stops for speeding, showing the overdue need for this type of enforcement in the 9th District.

I appreciate the efforts of Chief Flynn and all of the wonderful officers and employees of the Milwaukee Police Department. As Alderwoman, I will continue to work with MPD to reduce excessive speeding in the 9th District and throughout Milwaukee.

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