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Johnson: “My message to Americans for Prosperity is never give up. This fight is way too important.”

WAUWATOSA, WI – As members of congress return to Washington D.C. this week to address tax reform, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson sent a special message to Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin activists. Senator Johnson discussed guiding principles for tax reform and the prospects for Congress passing a tax reform package before the end of the year.  Johnson’s message was first shown to AFP-WI activists in the Milwaukee area at a special tax reform event in Wauwatosa last week.  You can view Senator’s Johnson’s message here and read highlights below.

On the historic opportunity for tax reform and AFP’s five principles to unrig the American economy:

“If you simplify our tax code, you’re going to get good reform, positive for economic growth. … One of the greatest impediments to economic growth is the uncertainty of our regulatory environment, including our tax system. We need to provide certainty to people risking their capital to grow businesses and create jobs.”

On the prospects for meaningful tax reform:

“Take a look at the name of the organization: Americans for Prosperity. America faces enormous challenges. … The number one solution is economic growth and prosperity – it’s a goal we all share. [We all want] a safe, secure and prosperous America and Wisconsin. If we concentrate on those shared purposes, I think we can get past the log-jam and hopefully, enact a better regulatory environment, a more competitive tax system and a better health care system. Our nation was founded on a limited federal government, designed to protect our individual liberty and freedom. That, combined with Adam Smith’s concept of a free market competitive system allows people to aspire and build and create things…that allowed for us to create this marvel we call America.”

On limited government and free market activism:

“It’s a direct correlation: The more government you have, the less freedom we have. We need to limit government. We need a government primarily designed to protect our individual freedom and liberty. Our government is no longer doing that and this is going to be a long-term project. We need individual citizens to jealously guard and fight for the individual liberty and freedom and never give up. My message to Americans for Prosperity is never give up. This [fight] is way too important.”

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