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Madison – Today, members of the Assembly Democratic Caucus sent a letter to Gov. Scott Walker asking him to reject President Trump’s voter suppression commission’s request that Wisconsin hand over the personal information of Wisconsin voters to the federal government. The governor has failed to take a clear position on the topic. Assembly Democrats are asking the governor’s office to come out strongly against this big brother request from the federal government.

Assistant Assembly Democratic Leader Dianne Hesselbein, lead author of the letter, released the following statement speaking to why it’s important the governor take a stand on this issue:

“Denunciations of this big government request from the Trump administration have poured in since his voter suppression commission made this request of all 50 states late last week. Yet, Governor Walker seems to be sitting on his hands unwilling to stand up for the privacy of Wisconsin voters. For a governor who claims he’s a proponent of smaller government and returning the power and reach of the federal government back to the states, this should be a no-brainer for him. I hope our correspondence will serve as needed encouragement for the governor to take a clear stance on this request.

Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) added:

“This request by Trump’s commission is a violation of voter privacy and many believe is an attempt to give the federal government authority to kick Democratic voters off the voter rolls. We’ve seen these attempts to disenfranchise voters in states across the country. Trump’s commission very likely could become a national effort to silence the voice of his political opponents. It should be easy for Gov. Walker to join other states in refusing to turn over this information.”

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