MADISON — On Friday, Senator Tammy Baldwin will address the 2017 Democratic Party of Wisconsin Convention and share her vision for an economic comeback with Wisconsin’s Dairyland Populism. Convention goers and online viewers will hear about a Wisconsin that can again rise from these tough economic times by building a made in Wisconsin economy that promotes our dairy industry and manufacturing jobs. She will talk about how she’s fighting for Wisconsin dairy farmers, against Wall Street’s vulture hedge funds that destroy Wisconsin businesses, and taking on big pharmaceutical companies that raise the price of medicine without reason.

Speech excerpts:
“Folks in our state feel like no matter what they do, no matter how hard they work – and, sometimes, no matter who they vote for – they just keep getting ripped off and left behind in a system that just isn’t working for them. It’s not just the big stuff you hear about on the news– the stagnant wages, the limited mobility, the transfer of wealth from the middle class up to the 1 percent. It’s the stuff that happens every day. Your cable bill went up twenty bucks for no apparent reason. You were two days late making your credit card payment and now your rate’s gone through the roof. Your pension’s getting cut because the place you worked your whole life got bought by some multi-national corporation you’ve never heard of. This wasn’t the deal. This isn’t how things are supposed to work.”
“This isn’t just about fairness. It’s about our way of life here in Wisconsin. We’ve always been a place that makes things – and where anyone willing to put in an honest day’s work making things has a fair shot at getting ahead. That’s who we are.”
“This isn’t about politics. This is about our neighbors’ lives. This is about the communities we live in. This is about the state we love.”
For those unable to attend in person, make sure to check out our livestream on our Facebook page.
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