Our nation is in the midst of a devastating opioid crisis caused by the proliferation of dangerous, highly addictive opioids. Overdoses have already claimed the lives of nearly 200,000 Americans.

But in April 2016, a former member of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) became a Big Pharma lawyer and pushed Congress to pass a law that dramatically weakened the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) ability to stop the flow of prescription opioids onto the streets.

The pharmaceutical industry has too much influence in Washington.

It needs to end now. Add your name to support my bill which would curb the revolving door between the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s a common practice for the pharmaceutical industry to hire former federal employees to lobby their former co-workers in the government. It’s also common for government agencies to hire people with ties to the pharmaceutical industry, where they are tasked with overseeing their old employers.

This ever-spinning revolving door has created unethical conflicts of interest and put the health and safety of Americans in jeopardy.

Wisconsinites and Americans across the country need to be able to trust that Washington is concerned with public safety, not padding the profits of drug companies.

My measure will limit what activities lobbyists can take part in on Capitol Hill and prevent any former DEA or FDA officials from helping pharmaceutical companies with lobbying efforts for at least two years.

The safety of our communities is at stake here. Add your name to crackdown on Big Pharma’s influence in Washington.

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