This week Politico published their Top 10 Senate Races of 2018 — and Tammy is on it. That means we’re in one of the most vulnerable elections in the country. We’re already the #1 spending target of special interests, and this is only going to encourage them to spend more.

If we’re going to make sure Tammy doesn’t lose against this outside spending, we have to work hard and smart. We know we’re going to have less money to spend, so our team has put together a smart plan that leverages grassroots organizers, smart advertising, and new digital tools. But, we still have to work hard to raise the money we do need. This grassroots team has never let us down before, and we’re counting on you now.

We’re just days away from the end of the year, and there’s no two ways about it — we’re about to fall short of our $85,000 goal for our FEC deadline. Donate $5, or whatever you can, to put us back on track and make sure Tammy has a fighting chance to win reelection.

In addition to this new ranking, an independent analysis found that we have had more outside money spent against us than any other Senator up for reelection. And we know why. We’ll let you in on a little secret — special interests don’t like Tammy. She’s fought her entire career to hold bad actors who take advantage of working folks accountable. That’s why people like the Koch brothers are willing to spend millions before she officially has an opponent.

But, Tammy’s a fighter. And we know you are too. The best way we can fight back is to hit our $85,000 end of year goal. Because when the FEC makes our fundraising numbers public, we want special interests groups to know that we aren’t backing down.

Give $5, or whatever makes sense for you, to send a message to the Koch brothers and prove that we’ve got Tammy’s back. Time’s running out to hit our End-of-Year FEC goal.

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