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Kohler – Today Sheboygan County Circuit Court Judge Dan Borowski released his first online video in his bid to secure a full six-year term to the Sheboygan Circuit Court. While he does not have an opponent, he plans on spending the next nine weeks discussing his judicial vision with the voters of Sheboygan County. Judge Borowski issued the following statement this morning:

I was honored and humbled to be appointed a Sheboygan Circuit Court judge by Governor Walker last year. And I’m thrilled to have secured my place on the April 4th ballot. When not hearing cases, I plan on travelling throughout the County to discuss my judicial vision.

Among others things, I look forward to discussing the importance of the rule of law, respect for all who appear in front of me, and the need for judicial officers to explore new ways of doing business. The court system should not be immune to cost saving and efficiency inducing measures.

Thank you to everyone who helped secure my place on the ballot. I look forward to discussing my vision with Sheboygan County voters and Lord-willing, to working tirelessly over the next six years on the bench.

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