Contact: Deputy Executive Jeff Flynt
(920) 448-4083

Brown County, Wisconsin –  With the Brown County Board of Supervisors adopting the resolution executing the room tax cooperation and pledge and security agreements, the final hurdle for projects for the County’s Debt Reduction, Infrastructure and Property Tax Cut Plan has been cleared.

Corporation Counsel David Hemery has completed the formal sending of documents to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue informing them of plans to enact a temporary 72 month half-percent sales tax beginning January 1, 2018.

“Our plan to address our long-term infrastructure needs is a go,” says Streckenbach. “This major investment in Brown County’s infrastructure can move forward in a fiscally-responsible manner and make Brown County competitive in attracting businesses, families and tourist to our community.”

The following capital projects identified in Brown County Chapter 9.02 in the Code of Ordinances are as follows:

  • Infrastructure, Road and Facilities
  • Library
  • Jail and Mental Health
  • Expo Hall Project
  • Medical Examiner and Public Safety
  • Museum
  • Park and Fairgrounds
  • STEM Innovation Center

These projects now go through the traditional budget process with Brown County, where a plan is developed before it is placed within a departmental budget and adopted by the County Board of Supervisors.


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