Contact: Sean Lansing

Organization will combat efforts of Obama, Holder and national Democrats intent on undoing eight-plus years of conservative policy victories in the states

[Madison, Wis.] – Champion Group principals and former Americans for Prosperity executives Luke Hilgemann and Sean Lansing launched the ‘Defend Freedom’ PAC Thursday to help protect Republican state legislative majorities across the country from attacks by former President Barack Obama, former United States Attorney General Eric Holder, and national Democrat interest groups seeking to erase almost a decade of conservative policy victories during the Obama-era.

To turn the clock back on bold, conservative reforms across the states and control the next round of redistricting, Obama and Holder have teamed up to create the National Democratic Redistricting Committee—a group that raised nearly $11 million in just its first six months in existence.

“Democrats in statehouses across the country lost over 900 legislative seats during the administration of President Obama and Attorney General Holder,” said Hilgemann and Lansing. “Now, in a desperate attempt to rebuild their failed legacy, undo policies that are benefitting millions of Americans and control future redistricting efforts, President Obama and AG Holder are teaming up again with their special interest allies to raise millions of dollars to spend in state-level races across America.”

Just last week, voters got a glimpse of what is possible if the Obama-Holder machine is left unchecked when Democrats nearly erased a 32-seat Republican Majority in the Virginia General Assembly. By employing a “Run Everywhere” strategy, Virginia Democrats made historic gains, leaving control of the chamber in jeopardy for the first time since 2000 pending multiple recounts.

“National Democrats, who were using Virginia’s off-year election as a test run for their plans in 2018 and beyond, feel empowered to play in more states and more races than they ever thought possible,” said Hilgemann and Lansing. “Complacency from Republican donors and activists in the face of an upcoming onslaught from emboldened and confident Democrat funders, volunteers and special interest groups will spell disaster for policy gains made in the states during the failed Obama years.”

Hilgemann and Lansing have 25 years of combined campaign, legislative and political non-profit experience. Through their work in local, state and federal campaigns, state legislative and gubernatorial offices, and at Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation, Luke and Sean have established a proven model for success in the electoral, policy and issue campaign space at both the state and federal levels.

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