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The American Medical Association, Hospital Groups and American College of Physicians Say “No” – to Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Plan – to Replacing the Affordable Care Act – to Ryan’s alternative health care disaster.
In Paul Ryan’s desire to sneak his new healthcare plan past the American people, he and his fellow Republicans did not get their American Health Care Act reviewed and scored by the U.S. Congressional Budget Office (CBO). As a result, Ryan and the GOP-controlled Congress are getting nailed for their lack of public transparency and for not getting an independent, nonpartisan cost estimate and health care coverage assessment – of their already doomed health care plan.
The President for the American College of Physicians said it best. In their letter to members of Congress, ACP wrote that Ryan’s health plan “will have a tremendously negative impact on access, quality, and cost of care” for Americans.”
Another health care leader wrote:
“Any ability to evaluate The American Health Care Act [Ryan’s Health Care Plan], however, is severely hampered by the lack of coverage estimates by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Lacking that level of analysis and needed transparency, we urge that Congress should wait until an estimate is available before proceeding with formal consideration.”
Turns out, Ryan’s Heath Care Plan ends up enriching insurance company executives and those who are wealthy. It isn’t so popular with physicians and other health care providers, whose lives are dedicated to actually helping people – the very same people Republicans are supposed to be dedicated to helping.
As political missteps go, this is a big one for Paul Ryan and his fellow Republicans. After CWAG reviewed all 1,400+ pages of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and engaged in consumer advocacy on behalf of the ACA, it is without a doubt that the so-called health care plan of Paul Ryan and his Republican-controlled Congress will unfortunately enrich the already wealthy Health Insurance Executives while failing to solve the increasing health care costs and the issue of providing all Americans affordable health care coverage.
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