CONTACT: Amelia Heup
[email protected]

STEVENS POINT- On Friday, November 17th, the Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs, Al Thompson reversed the decision of the Student Government Association (SGA) that denied Turning Point USA from forming an official student organization on the campus of UW-Stevens Point. We are pleased with the decision of the Vice-Chancellor to recognize Turning Point. Because of this decision, Turning Point will have access to the same resources that all other organizations have on campus.

However, we are disappointed in the SGA for not resolving their earlier blatant violation of students’ first amendment rights. The SGA was given ample opportunity to reverse their decision and embrace the culture of diversity and inclusivity that the University attempts to foster – yet, they failed to do so.

Chairwoman, Amelia Heup, released a statement regarding the decision to reverse the denial of Turning Point on the campus of UW-Stevens Point:

“I, along with the College Republicans are pleased with the decision given by the office of Student Affairs to officially recognize Turning Point USA as a student organization on campus. This win for freedom of speech benefits both current and future students who attend this university. Unfortunately, this is a decision that should have been made earlier by the Student Government Association. I urge the SGA to recognize students’ right and the diversity of voices on this campus. A student’s rights do not end when entering a public university. Thank you to
Vice-Chancellor Thompson for recognizing this.”

The UW-Stevens Point College Republicans will continue to stand up for the rights of all students to voice their viewpoints and contribute to the broader conversation. We also urge conservative students to get involved and apply to be in Student Government to guarantee representation for all ideologies.

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