The conservative Restoration PAC released a new TV ad today that compares GOP Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson to Ronald Reagan and says the former Marine and businessman is the best candidate to beat “ultra-liberal Tammy Baldwin.”

The PAC said it is a $625,000 statewide buy that begins today. It also comes on the heels of the pro-Nicholson super PAC Solutions for Wisconsin launching an ad last week that calls Nicholson a “true conservative.”

Nicholson, who was president of the national College Dems and registered to vote as a Dem a decade ago, has faced questions about his political conversion since getting into the race.

The narrator in the Restoration PAC ad says Nicholson is a Marine, combat veteran, Bronze Star recipient, an outsider and a businessman “blessed with a strong family.”

“Like Reagan, a passionate convert to conservatism,” the narrator says. “Nobody is better suited to defeat ultra-liberal Tammy Baldwin, who disrespected our veterans.”

The narrator closes the spot, “Kevin Nicholson is exactly what Wisconsin and America need in the U.S. Senate.”


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