Judge Townsend for Circuit Court Committee is proud to announce the endorsements of Dane County Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Corrigan and Supervisor Paul Rusk.  Both have been leaders in taking on judicial reform here in Dane County and said in a recent letter to the editor that “Townsend’s work championing workers, protecting women against harassment in the workplace, and working with both victims and defendants give us a candidate with an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in our criminal justice system.”

In their time on the Dane County Board of Supervisors, Corrigan and Rusk have spearheaded an initiative through the Public Protection and Judiciary Committee, which Rusk chairs, to address racial disparity in the County judicial system.  Key to their plan is to develop systems that offer alternatives to incarceration and provide more mental health treatment as part of the judicial process.  “We believe Judge Townsend is best suited and most qualified to tackle the most pressing challenges we face here in the Dane County Judicial system due to her successful record of standing up for those segments of our society whose voice are not always heard and long and wide ranging career working for justice through the practice of law.”  “She knows that progress is difficult to achieve and can only be attained through dogged hard work and cooperation between governmental and social entities.  We are confident Judge Townsend will be an eager and able partner on the bench in our drive for true and meaningful reform here in Dane County.”

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