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OMAHA – As Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert campaigns alongside Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker—a failed Republican presidential candidate who is one of the least popular governors in the entire country—the Nebraska Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are highlighting the extreme views and out-of-touch policies Stothert and Walker share.

Mayor Stothert bragged to the media that Governor Walker “governed like I’ve governed.”

“Stothert and Walker are two perfect motivators for Democrats and Independents to get to the polls for Heath Mello,” said Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair. “Stothert brags Walker governs exactly like her–a major red flag to voters since that means women are not valued the same as men in the workplace, preventative care gets defunded because of an extreme right political agenda, climate change gets ignored and working class families get left behind as big corporations have the red carpet rolled out for tax breaks and special favors all on the backs of middle-class families.”

“Scott Walker has already done enough damage to Wisconsin the economy and its workers – we don’t need to export his failure to other states,” said Martha Laning, Chair of the Democratic Party. “In Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, poverty is up, labor participation is down, the state government is broke, and thousands of manufacturing jobs are fleeing the state. Scott Walker’s failed trickle-down economic policies simply don’t work, and the last thing we need is Walker exporting his economic failures to hardworking communities like Omaha.”

Walker is known by working class families all across the country as the Governor who does the Koch brothers bidding and removes basic workplace organizing rules for better pay and safe working conditions.

The Stothert-Walker event takes place on April 24 from 3-5pm at DC Centre 11830 Stonegate Drive in Omaha.

Here is what a Stothert-Walker Agenda looks like for our families:

The Walker Record: In Wisconsin, Governor Walker repealed an equal pay law, making it more difficult for women to earn the same wages as men.
The Stothert Record: In Omaha, Mayor Stothert failed to support an equal pay law that was proposed on the City Council.

The Walker Record: Governor Walker defunded Planned Parenthood, taking away women’s access to crucial health care services.
The Stothert Record: Mayor Stothert pledged she’d support efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

The Walker Record: After Walker’s own presidential campaign failed to win a single vote, Walker enthusiastically endorsed Donald Trump in a primetime speech at the Republican National Convention
The Stothert Record: After touting the support of Nebraska’s biggest Trump fans—from Dave Heineman to Taylor Royal—Mayor Stothert is now desperately importing out-of-state Trump supporters like Scott Walker to prop up her flailing campaign.

The Walker Record: Governor Walker called the concept of having a minimum wage ‘lame’ and eliminated the state’s living wage law.
The Stothert Record: Mayor Stothert refused to sign legislation that aimed to raise the minimum wage for hard-working Omahans.

The Walker Record: As Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker has moved to reduce the role of science and climate change in policymaking.
The Stothert Record: As Mayor of Omaha, Jean Stothert is ignoring climate change by falsely claiming it’s not an important issue to Omahans.

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