Contact: Lauren Passalacqua, David Bergstein – 202-545-3567

In response to Senate Republicans voting to advance the toxic health care agenda supported by Nicholson, Hovde, and Vukmir, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement:

“Kevin Nicholson, Eric Hovde, and Leah Vukmir all support the toxic Republican health care agenda that spikes costs and strips coverage for hardworking Wisconsinites and today, their horrific and expensive plan came one step closer to becoming a reality. Their party’s proposals would impose an age tax on older Americans, increase premiums, and strip away coverage for pre-existing conditions — all to give big insurance companies and the wealthy a massive tax break. This vote continues to guarantee that their harmful health care agenda will be front and center and, if they decide to run for Senate, voters will hold them accountable.”

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