Contact: Amanda L. Brink

Madison — When candidate for State Superintendent John Humphries released his plan in January to turnover low performing schools to private operators in late January, Lowell Holtz blasted the idea telling the Associated Press, “The last thing the children of Milwaukee and Madison need is another plan from a bureaucrat who has never lived in their neighborhood.” Holtz’s website even claims that one of his three main priorities is “Advancing and Embracing Local Control.”

Yet just one month earlier, Holtz and Humphries and a few unnamed business leaders had collaborated on a plan to takeover Wisconsin’s 5 largest school districts: Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee and Racine. In the agreement, which included a salary of $150,000 and a dedicated driver, these districts would be directly overseen by Lowell Holtz.

The following is a statement from Amanda Brink, Campaign Manager for Tony Evers for State Superintendent:

“Voters can’t trust Lowell Holtz to provide them with the full story. Creating a new position within the Department of Public Instruction that would takeover Wisconsin’s 5 largest school districts isn’t local control — it is a coup.”

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