State Superintendent Tony Evers’ campaign released its first two TV ads of the campaign today, both of which knock opponent Lowell Holtz for a proposed deal that could have landed the challenger a six-figure, taxpayer-funded job.

Without naming Holtz in either ad, Evers references talks Holtz and fellow primary challenger John Humphries had that one could get a six-figure salary and a driver if one of them left the race and other beat Evers in the April election.

“My opponent’s plan raises his own salary, and pays for a personal driver,” Evers says in the ad that launches tomorrow in Madison and Milwaukee. “That’s wrong, folks.”

The other ad, part of a different TV ad buy for markets in Green Bay, La Crosse and Wausau, hones in on the proposed personal driver.

“When it comes to education, we can’t afford to waste a single dollar,” Evers says. “Yet my opponent thinks taxpayers should pay for his personal driver. I’m Tony Evers, and I don’t need some chauffeur to show me the way.”  

Evers also touts higher graduation rates, higher standards and the expansion of career and technical education in both ads, as he seeks a third term as the state’s head of schools.

A check of the ad buy found the campaign is spending at least $110,000 to run TV ads through the April 4 election.

Repeated checks have not turned up any ad buys from Holtz, the former superintendent of the Whitnall and Beloit school districts, or outside groups.  

See the Madison and Milwaukee ad:

See the Green Bay, La Crosse and Wausau ad:

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