Dem Russ Feingold outraised U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson by almost $3.9 million in a losing effort, according to their post-election reports.

But adding in outside group spending tips the balance in Johnson’s favor in a race that cost at least $72 million.

The detailed summary pages for Feingold’s post-election report, which his campaign provided to, shows net contributions of nearly $24 million and net expenditures of almost $23.8 million. He finished the post-election period with $198,547 in the bank.

Johnson, meanwhile, had net contributions of $20.1 million, net expenditures of $20.2 million and $149,288 left in the bank on Nov. 28.

A tally by, though, pegs pro-Johnson spending by outside groups for the cycle at $18.7 million and $9.8 million for Feingold.

— By JR Ross

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