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(Milwaukee) – Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today responded to the numerous attacks he faced from the Scott Walker machine on his first day of the campaign.

“While I’m honored Scott Walker considers me such a threat to his re-election, I am concerned about his priorities,” said Flynn. “In typical Walker fashion, his operatives spent the day attacking me rather than the problems we face.”

Yesterday, as Flynn announced his campaign, the Republican Party of Wisconsin launched a misleading attack website against him using his name, sent “trackers” to film his press conferences, and unloaded their opposition research to journalists.

“Scott Walker should focus on our roads, schools, and funding health care for the vulnerable instead of political maneuvering,” Flynn continued.

“These are the real issues in this campaign. Another real issue is Foxconn. Why did Scott Walker exempt a Chinese company from our wetland and water regulations when Wisconsin companies have to follow them? Walker is refusing to protect Wisconsin water the same way Trump is refusing to protect America from Russian hacking. Foreign companies are welcome in our state, but I believe they must follow our laws. Scott Walker doesn’t want to debate these issues with me.”

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