Ripple effects from the Foxconn deal will raise the state’s profile for venture investment, says Department of Administration Secretary Scott Nietzel.

He spoke as part of a panel at the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Future Wisconsin Summit yesterday in Madison.

“With Foxconn saying, ‘We want to be in Wisconsin, here’s the ecosystem that we want to build,’ that’s going to attract a lot of venture capital into the state,” he said. “We’re already seeing a lot of talk about venture capital re-looking at Wisconsin or looking at Wisconsin for the first time.”

And though Democrats and environmental groups have voiced concerns about the impact of building a high-tech manufacturing facility in southeastern Wisconsin, Foxconn Special Assistant Louis Woo says the company is committed to maintaining the state’s beauty and pristine condition.

“Just like wherever we go, we are upholding the highest standard for environmental protection,” Woo said.

Nietzel sees a clear commitment from both sides to ensure the development will be “environmentally as benign as humanly possible.”

“This flows right down from Chairman Terry Gou,” he said. “I was with the chairman on a site visit, and he was emphatic about the environmental quality that is going to be around this investment.”

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