Contact: Bryan Kennedy, 414-517-3864

(Glendale, WI)  Glendale Mayor Bryan Kennedy, candidate for State Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, released a twenty-page plan to help rescue the Democratic Party in the state and get Democrats winning again in 2018. Entitled “Winning Back Wisconsin: Bigger, Bolder Stronger,” Kennedy’s plan is a blueprint for what he will do if state Democrats choose him to be the next State Chair at their convention in June.

Kennedy explained that “Democrats need to completely reinvent the party and how it operates if we are to become the governing party in Wisconsin once again.  I have prepared this blueprint as a guide for what I will do, if elected as State Chair, to win elections again.”

The plan includes:

  • Recruiting ward captains in every voting ward of the state
  • Issues-based statewide organizing canvass starting in 2017
  • 150 Town Hall meetings in small towns, suburbs, and big cities this year
  • Rebrand the party by listening to people outside of the party and using their input to develop an attractive message
  • Streamlined and active online/social media presence that is updated daily
  • Organized and consistent DAILY press presence

“I’ve been winning local elections for myself and for candidates that I have recruited for a decade,” Kennedy said. “This is how we’ve done it.”

Kennedy’s entire plan can be downloaded from his website on the ISSUES page,

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