The following statement can be attributed to Gov. John Kasich:
“After sixteen years, we have lost sight of the the United States’ principal goal in becoming engaged in Afghanistan: to prevent the country from being used as a launching pad for terror attacks on the U.S.

The United States should continue to support the Afghan government through our Strategic Partnership Agreement by providing training and funds that will help the Afghans maintain control of major population centers and prevent a Taliban victory.

The time has come, however, for us to forge an agreement with all of the regional players that will allow the United States to draw down forces and bring our troops back home without reigniting civil war in that country.

We must work with neighboring countries to station Special Forces and aircraft in the region in a manner that allows us to eradicate terrorist bases that might reappear in Afghanistan.

Sixteen years and the lives of over 2,000 American heroes are more than enough of a price to have paid to eradicate a terrorist sanctuary. America cannot afford to make an open-ended commitment of further lives and treasure to the improbable proposition of building a cohesive nation in Afghanistan.”
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