Contact: Tom Evenson
(608) 266-2839

Madison, Wisconsin – Governor Scott Walker today called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to finalize rules increasing access to broadband internet by advancing television white space technology. Television white space is the unused spectrum between broadcast television stations which can deliver high-speed internet to underserved areas of Wisconsin.

“Fast, reliable internet access has the power to help businesses reach new markets, create jobs, and improve educational opportunities by connecting students in innovative and engaging ways,” said Governor Walker. “Our budget provides an additional $35.5 million for broadband expansion, but there is an opportunity to do more, which is why we are calling on the FCC to finalize rules advancing this technology.”

The FCC is considering rules which could result in at least three white space channels in every U.S. market to provide broadband Internet. If approved, the private sector is poised to provide underserved communities with access to robust, affordable broadband.

The 2017 – 19 state budget provides an additional $35.5 million to increase broadband access across Wisconsin benefiting rural schools, public library systems, and underserved areas of the state. To learn more about Wisconsin’s Broadband Expansion Grant Program, visit:

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