Office of Governor Scott Walker
December 28, 2017
Contact: Tom Evenson, (608) 266-2839
Employment Surges in 2017:
Wisconsin’s Workforce by the Numbers
MADISON – Governor Scott Walker today released the following information from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development showing solid gains in employment for Wisconsin workers so far in 2017.“Wisconsin is working,” Governor Walker said. “More men and women went to work so far in 2017 than ever before in our history and unemployment claims are at their lowest levels in 30 years. With unemployment near historic lows and businesses hiring across our state, we will continue to focus on worker training initiatives as we move into 2018.”

Wisconsin’s Workforce by the Numbers

  December 2016 November 2017 Progress
Number of Employed Individuals 2,988,100 3,065,700 +77,600
Total Labor Force 3,114,900 3,168,100 +53,200
Number of Private Sector Jobs 2,516,100 2,556,200 +40,100
Labor Force Participation Rate 68.0% 68.9% +0.9 % points
Number of Total (non‐farm) Jobs 2,934,300 2,974,400 +40,100
Number of Manufacturing Jobs 468,400 483,100 +14,700
Unemployment Rate 4.1% 3.2% 0.9 % points
Number of Unemployed Individuals 126,800 102,400 24,400

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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