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Milwaukee, WisconsinGovernor Scott Walker highlighted Wisconsin’s water technology industry today at the Water Leaders Summit 2017 in Milwaukee, an annual conference hosted by the Water Council to gather experts within the local, national, and global water industry.

“Wisconsin is a global leader when it comes to water technology, and we’re viewed as a major water hub,” Governor Walker said. “With Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the Mississippi River forming three of our borders, not to mention the more than 15,000 lakes within our borders, we have a lot of freshwater expertise. The Water Leaders Summit gives state leaders the opportunity to highlight our strengths, and collaborate with other global leaders so we can continue to develop our water industry and ensure water security for generations to come.”

The Water Leaders Summit 2017, which runs May 23 and May 24, is an opportunity for water professionals from around the world to network, collaborate, and share ideas and innovative solutions to advance the future of water technology. The theme this year is water security, and discussion will center on security as a creative tool, such as developing resilient water strategies to avoid water insecurity.

Established in 2009 by Milwaukee business, education, and government leaders as a 501(c)(3) organization, the Water Council is the only organization of its kind in the nation. Their mission is to align the regional freshwater research community with water-related industries. The Water Council headquarters are located in the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, where they connect global water technology companies, academic research programs, and water professionals.

In March of 2017, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation announced a $3.7 million investment in the Water Council and Global Water Center. In the past, they’ve worked with the Water Council to create a water technology seed accelerator program known as “BREW Accelerator,” or Business Research Entrepreneurship in Wisconsin. The accelerator unleashes water innovation by funding water technology startups with commercialization potential, and WEDC has provided $50,000 in capital to each of the 17 companies that have participated in the BREW Accelerator program this far.

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