Contact: Joe Fadness

Tells audience in Milwaukee that ‘the Obamacare nightmare’ is almost over

[Madison, Wis.] — In case you missed it, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at Direct Supply Inc. in Milwaukee on Saturday. He highlighted Governor Scott Walker’s bold conservative leadership during the Obamacare disaster by not taking the Medicaid expansion and finding innovative ways to provide healthcare to Wisconsinites in need. Vice President Pence also promised to repeal and replace Obamacare with principled reforms.

You can watch the entire speech here, or find excerpts below:

 On principled reform of American healthcare

“We have a chance before us today to restore a healthcare system based on the time-honored American principles of personal responsibility, free-market competition, state-based reform, and, above all else, we have a chance to restore a healthcare system based on the ultimate American principle: freedom and the freedom of the American people to live their lives and make their choices as they see fit.”

On Governor Walker’s solutions and reforms

“Under Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin has already innovated to provide health care coverage for your most vulnerable. They’ve been setting the pace across the country. I know your governor is seeking more freedom and flexibility with his Wisconsin Works For Everyone plan. Under this administration, I promise you, Governor Walker will be able to bring Wisconsin solutions to meet the unique healthcare challenges facing the people of Wisconsin. When we repeal and replace Obamacare, Wisconsin will be able to design its own healthcare system for the people of this state. Governor Walker is going to be able to do it the Wisconsin way, which I like to say is the American way: state-based solutions and reform.”

 On helping Americans with pre-existing conditions

“We’re going to make sure every American with pre-existing conditions has access to the coverage and the care that they need – no exceptions.”

On state-based solutions for healthcare

“And we’re going to reform and strengthen Medicaid to help the people who truly need it the most by giving states like Wisconsin the freedom and flexibility you need to take care of your most vulnerable. Because this President believes in state-based solutions not one size fits all mandates from Washington, D.C.”

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