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MADISON – Governor Scott Walker released his Weekly Radio Address today titled “Get It Done.”

Hi, Scott Walker here.

Get it done. That’s my message about the state transportation budget. 

Some, however, are kicking around the idea of breaking off transportation from the overall budget. That would be a mistake and it could delay important projects all across our state.

That’s why we traveled to Neenah this week to discuss our transportation budget plan, which includes more funding for local governments to fix roads, bridges, and potholes than they’ve seen in more than a decade and a half. It also includes the largest amount ever for the rehabilitation of state highways.

Our proposal significantly improves our transportation system and adds funding for major projects like 10/441 in Neenah, Interstate 39/90 from the Illinois state line to Madison, and the Verona Road project. 

In fact, we could have traffic open in 2019 instead of 2020 with savings we recently announced in the transportation fund for the 10/441 project.

We can do all of this without raising taxes on the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin. 

Our transportation budget gets the job done. It provides more funding for local governments, keeps borrowing down at historically low levels, and maintains our pledge to hold the line on taxes and fees. Our budget proposal proves you don’t have to raise taxes or fees to maintain a safe and strong transportation network.

I encourage you to join me and reach out to your state Representative and state Senator and tell them to get it done.

Thank you.

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