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MADISON – Governor Scott Walker released his Weekly Radio Address today titled “Stronger Than We Were Five Years Ago.”

Hi, Scott Walker here.

Wow. It’s safe to say the time has flown. Just five years ago, we made history as the first governor in the nation to win a recall election.

In the years since, we put in place big, bold reforms to revive Wisconsin’s economic outlook and reestablish our position as a national leader.

We’ve gone from a $3.6 billion state budget deficit to a budget surplus every year since.

And with this budget, Wisconsin taxpayers will realize $8 billion in cumulative tax relief. We’re a top ten state when it comes to reducing the tax burden.

That’s on top of the fact our unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 17 years, outperforming the nation at a low of 3.2 percent. We’re also ranked 8th in the nation for our labor force participation and recently, Wisconsin was named the 10th Best State for Business in the 2017 Chief Executive Magazine survey. That’s up from 41st in 2010.

Act 10 – the legislation that sparked the recall – has actually saved Wisconsin taxpayers more than $5 billion, and merit pay continues to empower schools as well as reward teachers.

As a result, our students continue to benefit as well. Wisconsin ranks 4th in ACT scores with 100 percent participation and 6th in the nation for high school graduation rates.

Thankfully, Wisconsin is stronger now than it was five years ago.

Our state budget proposal continues to work and win for Wisconsin by investing in our top priorities – student success, rewarding work, and accountable government.

Five years ago, we demonstrated our values and remained unintimidated – even when the times got tough. Looking forward, I promise that as long as I’m in office, I will continue to champion common-sense, conservative reforms that will move Wisconsin forward.

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