Joe Fadness

 [Madison, Wis.] – This week Governor Walker joined other Republican leaders for a historic jobs announcement that will transform Wisconsin’s economy and the lives of hard-working families across the state. High-tech manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group will implement the largest economic development project in Wisconsin’s history that will bring 13,000 jobs to the state and spur further economic growth.

Check out what state news outlets are saying about this historic jobs announcement:

From WBAY in Green Bay: “’This is a once-in-a-century opportunity for our state and our country, and Wisconsin is ready. We are calling this development Wisconn Valley, because we believe this will have a transformational effect on Wisconsin, just as Silicon Valley transformed the San Francisco Bay Area.’ Gov. Scott Walker [said]”

From the Wisconsin State Journal: “’Today we’re announcing the single largest economic development project in the history of Wisconsin,” Walker said, noting the plant would be 11 times the size of Lambeau Field. “These panels will be made in America, proudly in the state of Wisconsin.’”

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “At 20 million square feet, the factory would be three times the size of the Pentagon, making it one of the largest manufacturing campuses in the nation. It would initially employ 3,000 workers making an average of $53,900 a year plus benefits and could eventually boast more than four times that.”

From WXOW in La Crosse: “’For something of this magnitude we’re going to have to quite literally start training people now for jobs that will be open over the next couple of years,” Walker said Thursday during an interview on WTMJ-AM. “We’re going to start doing programs specifically targeted towards getting the workforce they’re going to need.’”


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