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MILWAUKEE, Wis.— On the heels of a successful WisPolitics luncheon last week, gubernatorial candidate, Andy Gronik, took his message directly to the people of Wisconsin in his first #AskAndy Facebook Live town hall. In less than an hour, the event amassed 1,700 live views.

“We’re going to be doing many more of these throughout the state, so get ready, because we’re going to be inviting you to attend virtually, but we’re going to get you to attend in the room,” Gronik said on Facebook Live. “And we want everybody to come. We want people who are living different lives all over the state, people who have different opinions about all of these issues that have been dividing our state.”

Facebook Live
Facebook users submitted nearly forty questions before the town hall and issued over ninety questions and comments during the event on Monday afternoon.

On Facebook Live, Andy reiterated that his background as a progressive businessman, an outsider who spent over 35 years helping businesses around the world create good paying jobs, is exactly what Wisconsin needs right now. After six years of failure from Gov. Scott Walker, it’s time bring the best ideas to the table in order to create a plan to spur good-paying jobs throughout our state, restore our public education system, make sure that everyone in our state has access to affordable health care.

Gronik repeated his stance from last week’s WisPolitics luncheon that as a businessperson, the Foxconn deal only raises more questions than answers and if the deal was brought to him by a CEO like Gov Scott Walker he would deny the deal and fire Gov. Walker for bringing it to the state without studying it first.

Instead, the Milwaukee businessman believes we should be focusing on Wisconsin’s strengths like the food industry, fresh water technology, sustainable energy, and clean air. Becoming a leader in the areas that already make the Badger State great is how we can attract good-paying jobs and spur economic growth.

On ACT 10, Andy doubled-down on his pledge to bring teachers back to the bargaining table so they can have a voice in the future of education in our state. Instead of Gov. Walker’s divide and conquer strategy of the last six years, Andy will seek to unite Wisconsinites and actually find the kinds of solutions that move our state forward.

As young people continue to leave the state en masse, Andy reassured young Wisconsinites that he was committed to giving them an incentive to remain in Wisconsin. Gronik has proposed recruiting young people to the state by allowing graduates who live and work in the state full-time for six months to apply their state income tax to their student loan debt.

In addition, Gronik told Facebook users that he would accept the Medicaid Expansion turned down by Gov. Scott Walker and seek to raise the minimum wage.

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