It breaks my heart knowing the children of so many immigrants who were brought as children to this country without documentation now risk being deported from the only home they’ve ever known. This could very easily have been my daughter Maria’s circumstances, too.

Maria was born in Guatemala. What would have become of her life had Andy and I not been able to bring her home to America? It’s possible that her birth parents would have done anything to offer her a better life — even if that meant bringing her to America without documentation. Isn’t that what every parent is trying to do for their kids — give them a better life?

The fact is, hundreds of thousands of families desperate for a better life for their children made this same choice. Now, for reasons rooted in hate and prejudice, President Trump eliminated DACA — their best legal option for being productive members of U.S. society, their best shot at pursuing their dreams. Now he wants to send these kids away. The fear and uncertainty these families are faced with every single day is inconceivable. The president’s actions are just cruel, inhumane and un-American — I am dumbfounded as to how anyone can support them.

Seven years ago today, the House of Representatives passed the DREAM Act — a bill that would create a permanent pathway to citizenship for so many children throughout America. I support the DREAM Act with every fiber of my being.

With DACA’s expiration quickly approaching, it’s time for Congress to pass a permanent version of the DREAM Act, once and for all. Join Andy and me and add your name now.

Wisconsin is home to thousands of young immigrants who have been allowed to go to school, start businesses, start families and even serve in our military, all because of DACA. These young immigrants are in many ways the future and the strength of our state. I know that Andy will do everything he can to protect them as our governor — but there are some issues that our federal government must take action on. This is one of them.

It’s now in the hands of Congress to do what’s right for our Wisconsin families — all of our Wisconsin families. Andy and I stand with immigrant families and unequivocally support an accessible path to citizenship — and Congress, if they have a conscience, should, too.

Please add your name now, and let’s get the DREAM Act passed.

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