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Gov. Walker Abandons Wisconsin’s Small Businesses And Our Middle-Class Families Once Again

MILWAUKEE – Last week, the Republican-led U.S. Senate voted to approve a massive giveaway to large corporations while raising taxes on hard-working Wisconsin families. The vote was taken in the dead of night and highlighted the priorities of individuals like Gov. Scott Walker who supported the bill.

“Really, trickle down again?  Who’s buying this? Corporations are sitting on record-sized piles of cash yet none of it is dripping down to the Wisconsin worker who is actually making things happen on the factory floor. In fact, thousands of factory workers have lost their jobs in this state due to Gov. Walker’s inept leadership and policies which has Wisconsin lagging pre-recession job numbers in its historically significant manufacturing industry. You want to energize an economy, and help grow successful businesses, then pay people fairly and treat people equally. It worked for me for 35 years; it’ll work for our Wisconsin, too” said Andy Gronik.
The Senate bill that passed very early on Saturday morning, under the cover of night, adds more than one trillion (that’s “trillion” with a “T”) dollars to the national debt while repealing the individual mandate which will increase health care premiums, eliminating the student loan interest deduction, and mandating automatic cuts to Medicare.  “So, where’s all that cash going? To permanent tax giveaways for large corporations and the wealthiest one-percent of Americans,” said Gronik.
For a moment, Senator Ron Johnson looked like he might have had a change of heart as he momentarily opposed the bill, stating it didn’t treat small businesses and large businesses equally. “But then, Johnson succumbed to politics as usual, getting schooled by Republican leadership, and contributing to making the bill even worse,” said Gronik.
It’s estimated that the majority of benefits for “pass-through” businesses, like the ones pushed through by Sen. Johnson and supported by Gov. Scott Walker will go to the top one-percent of income earnings. That’s bad news for small businesses in Wisconsin who will watch benefits flow to those at the very top while they struggle to stay afloat. Governor Walker, who also indicated Sen. Johnson’s concerns were “legitimate,” vehemently supports a bill that leaves small businesses, and hard-working Wisconsin families, behind.
“Instead of standing up for Wisconsin small businesses like Walker says he does ad nauseam, he’s left small businesses hanging in our state once again. No wonder we’re last in entrepreneurial activity, and small businesses are closing throughout Wisconsin. It must be time for Americans for Prosperity to spend another six million dollars to tell small business owners and every day Wisconsinites how terrific Scott Walker is doing. Well, not this time Governor Walker! Too many small businesses and Wisconsin families are struggling due to your failed policies and your refusal to stand up to those in Washington who want to pick the pockets of the middle-class and give it to those at the very top. No amount of public relations spending is going to cover up the pain they’re feeling.  I know what it takes to grow businesses of all sizes, and how to do so while respecting everyone who works there. I am taking you down because the people of our state can’t afford another four years of your incompetence and failures,” said Gronik.
“My plan to grow Wisconsin benefits everyone in our state. It’s possible to create a climate and advance policies that take Wisconsin from last to first in entrepreneurial activity, policies that support small business so they can grow to medium and large businesses in Wisconsin. It’s possible to do it all while creating good-paying jobs that honor our families and our environment,” concluded Gronik. “It’s time for Walker to go and prosperity to return to our state. I’ll fight for Wisconsin families and Wisconsin businesses, and I’ll get it done.”

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