Maria is the daughter I always dreamed of but, when she was born, I wasn’t there. I was almost 3,000 miles away from Guatemala, at home in Wisconsin. When Mary and I got the call, we immediately booked a flight to meet her. Tears of joy flowed down both of our faces as we held Maria in our arms for the very first time. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Families adopt for different reasons, but it’s always a difficult decision and a life-long commitment. For decades, our government has sought to help out the families who adopt a child by offering an adoption tax credit to low- and middle-income families. This helps pay for expenses and ensure that every family that wants to welcome an adopted child into their lives has the resources needed for this life-enhancing event.

But now, here comes Trump’s new tax plan. Despite his repeated promises to help middle-class families in America, his proposal would eliminate the adoption tax credit for thousands of hardworking families who desperately want to bring a child into their lives.

This month is National Adoption Month, so I’m calling on President Trump and Republicans in Congress to change course and stand up for families who choose to adopt by preserving the adoption tax credit. Join me and add your name.

On average, adoptions cost over $30,000. Without this crucial tax credit, it may be impossible for middle-class families to adopt the little girl or boy who will change their life as Maria has changed ours. The stark reality is that thousands of children waiting to be adopted may never find that loving, stable and permanent home they so desperately need.

Our President could help middle-class families who want to adopt a child by lowering the cost of the adoption. He could eliminate the uncertainty plaguing so many couples who want to be parents and know their child is out there somewhere waiting for them.

Sign this petition and send Donald Trump a clear message from every loving parent that the adoption tax credit must stay in place.

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