(Beloit, WI) – Dr. Lowell Holtz, Candidate for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction, has released his first radio ad of this campaign, titled “School Bells.” The ad calls attention to the unfortunate state of Wisconsin’s current education system under the direction of DPI Secretary Tony Evers, and goes on to highlight Dr. Holtz’s history of school reform, and his plan to improve education for Wisconsin’s future generations of students.

The audio of the ad may be heard HERE

Format / Run Time: Radio – 60 seconds
Title: School Bells

That sound is supposed to mark the beginning of a new day of learning, friendship, and fun for our children.
But for too many of Wisconsin’s teachers and students that bell is just the beginning of another lost day trapped in failing schools and broken classrooms.
Our schools need a new direction and a new leader. That leader is Dr. Lowell Holtz.
Dr. Holtz believes in empowering parents and putting students first.
As a superintendent, Dr. Holtz led urban school reform; increasing teacher satisfaction, improving test scores, raising graduation rates…and reducing violence.
Bring excellence back to our schools. Vote Dr. Lowell Holtz for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Hi, I’m Dr. Lowell Holtz. I will work with local communities to rescue failing schools, cut the red-tape that holds our teachers back, and enhance local control by empowering parents.
And I’m proud to be the only candidate in this race who did NOT sign Governor Walker’s recall petition.
I’m Dr. Lowell Holtz and I’m asking for your vote on February 21st.
Paid for by Friends of Dr. Holtz, TJ Anderson, Treasurer.
Dr. Holtz has taught in classrooms, been recognized as a Wisconsin Principal of the Year, and has led district improvement efforts as Superintendent of the Palmyra-Eagle, Beloit, and Whitnall School Districts. He spent much of his childhood in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, and is the son of a retired Milwaukee Police Officer. Lowell is married to Dr. Susan Holtz, his high school sweetheart and wife of 36 years, and together they have raised five grown children. In addition to his roles in education, Dr. Holtz has over two decades of experience in law enforcement.

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