Contact: Chuck Sanger
(Beloit, WI) Dr. Lowell Holtz, Candidate for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction, will begin running his latest radio ad, I’m Voting for Dr. Holtz, on radio stations around the state.  The ad features three prominent women who are voting for Lowell Holtz, and details the reasons why they are supporting him.
The audio of the ad may be heard HERE
Format/ Run Time:  Radio – 60 seconds
Title:  I’m Voting for Dr. Holtz
  • This Tuesday, April 4, Wisconsin moms will be voting for Dr. Lowell Holtz for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • As a teacher, Wisconsin Principal of the Year, and school superintendent, he is committed to the success of ALL students
  • I’m Senator Leah Vukmir, and I’m voting for Dr. Holtz because he’s not a rubberstamp for liberal, one-size-fits-all, standards like Common Core.  He believes in local control for our schools.
  • I’m State Senator Alberta Darling, and I’m voting for Dr. Holtz because he supports school choice. No student should be stuck in the desperation of a failing school.
  • This is Representative Jessie Rodriguez.  Dr. Holtz gets my vote because he understands the importance of empowering teachers.  His history of strong, positive leadership will restore safety in the hallways of our schools.
  • Hi, I’m Dr. Lowell Holtz.  I am asking for your vote because we owe to our kids and grandkids the best possible education.  Together, we can put an end to failing Wisconsin schools.
Dr. Holtz has taught in classrooms, been recognized as a Wisconsin Principal of the Year, and has led district improvement efforts as Superintendent of the Palmyra-Eagle, Beloit, and Whitnall School Districts. He spent much of his childhood in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, and is the son of a retired Milwaukee Police Officer. Lowell is married to Dr. Susan Holtz, his high school sweetheart and wife of 36 years, and together they have raised five grown children. In addition to his roles in education, Dr. Holtz has over two decades of experience in law enforcement.
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