(Beloit, WI) – Dr. Lowell Holtz, candidate for Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction, made the following statement in regard to Governor Walker’s proposal today for rural schools in Wisconsin.

Dr. Lowell Holtz: “I appreciate Governor Walker’s understanding of, and his commitment to, the needs of Wisconsin’s rural school children. His proposal today emphasizes the fact that all school districts are important, and that all children deserve a chance to learn with the best resources available to them.

As Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will work with the Governor, the State Legislature, and school district stakeholders to identify and address the needs of Wisconsin’s students. Every child deserves a chance to get ahead by learning in an environment that best suits their needs.”

Dr. Holtz is a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction of Wisconsin. He has taught in classrooms, been recognized as a Wisconsin Principal of the Year, and has led district improvement efforts as Superintendent of the Palmyra-Eagle, Beloit, and Whitnall School Districts. He spent much of his childhood in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, and is the son of a retired Milwaukee Police Officer. Lowell is married to Dr. Susan Holtz, his high school sweetheart and wife of 36 years, and together they have raised five grown children. In addition to his roles in education, Dr. Holtz has over two decades of experience in law enforcement.

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