[Madison, Wis.] – John Humphries for State Superintendent of Public Instruction’s campaign released the following statement by Mr. Humphries regarding the results for today’s primary election:

“I would like to congratulate each of my opponents for their victories in today’s primary election. During this campaign, each of us displayed our commitment to improving educational outcomes for Wisconsin students. We may not have agreed on how to get there, but there is no denying we are all passionate about that outcome. I remain convinced that Wisconsin students can achieve so much more with the right leadership at DPI. By challenging the status quo, engaging and empowering parents and local stakeholders, and by honestly assessing all aspects of our schools, the adults in Wisconsin can finally do right by our children.

I look forward to seeing a vigorous public debate between the remaining candidates over the next 6 weeks.  I encourage voters to consider Dr. Evers’ track record and ask what he plans to do differently. I encourage voters to learn more about Dr. Holtz’ proposals–the status quo cannot stand any longer in Wisconsin.”

John Humphries is a candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Over the past two decades, John has effectively served in public schools across the state, as well as in the Department of Public Instruction. In his nearly twenty years in Wisconsin education, he has worked in small rural school districts (La Farge and Dodgeville), one of the wealthiest (Middleton-Cross Plains), and the district with the highest poverty rate (Beloit). For more information please visit: www.humphriesforschools.org.

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