Contact: Liz Mueller
Tonight, Dane County made their choice for who will be the next Dane County Circuit Court Judge. After running a hard-fought campaign for the last 10 months, Judge Marilyn Townsend has lost her bid for the bench.
“While the result tonight is not what we had hoped, I remain steadfast in my belief that Dane County has a lot of work ahead of it in ensuring that all individuals are heard in the court. I will continue to seek justice for the little guy as a union and civil rights lawyer and will remain committed to giving the individuals who come before me in Municipal Court a fair shake,” Marilyn said.
“I want to congratulate my opponent on a well-run campaign and I wish her the best as she takes on this very important role.
Thank you to my family, my campaign team, the volunteers, and the many supporters I’ve met along the way. This has been a tremendous experience and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.”
Judge Townsend is celebrating her hard-fought campaign tonight with her family, campaign team, and supporters at the Madison Labor Temple Lounge.
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