Contact: Liz Mueller

Phone: 608-509-4154




MADISON, WI – Today, Judge Marilyn Townsend’s campaign released its first TV advertisement which will begin airing on broadcast television and digital platforms.

The advertisement can be viewed by clicking here.

“There is a clear choice in this campaign for Dane County Circuit Court,” said Townsend campaign manager, Liz Mueller. “Judge Townsend has devoted her career to seeking justice for middle class families and protecting workers’ rights as a labor and employment attorney,” said Mueller.  “And as the only Judge in this race, Townsend will bring that experience to the Circuit Court bench.  On the other hand, our opponent has taken high-level political appointments from Attorneys General J.B. Van Hollen and Brad Schimel who have aligned themselves with this administration’s extreme right-wing agenda and have used Dane County Courts to advance that agenda.”

“The choice is clear; Judge Townsend is the right choice for Dane County.”


Judge Marilyn Townsend has spent the past five years as a Municipal Court Judge for the Village of Shorewood Hills Court and is currently serving her third term.  As Judge, she follows the same principles she expects when she is presenting a case in court, that there are no predispositions for or against and the scales of justice are balanced – the same principles our next Dane County Judge must execute.

In addition, she maintains a law practice in Madison and currently has a case pending before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In that case she represents an elderly, African-American woman was denied unemployment compensation under a new Scott Walker law that purposely makes it more difficult for workers to obtain benefits.

She has devoted her entire legal career fighting on the behalf of working men and women whose rights have been violated.  During law school, she worked as an intern for the International Union of Electrical Workers.  Following law school, Judge Townsend joined the United Mine Workers of America as an attorney focused on protecting the rights of workers under the law and keeping them safe in the workplace.

Judge Townsend appeared in cases on the behalf of mine workers across the country and saw firsthand how they were treated, the inequity of pay and the dangerous conditions in which they worked.  Judge Townsend committed herself to fighting for working people and ensuring their voices would be heard.

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