Contact: Bryan Kennedy, 414-517-3864

Candidates for the State Assembly are at the frontlines of political battles in Wisconsin. The districts are small enough that they still require lots of door knocking and direct voter contact, yet large enough that a grassroots organizational structure is required to be successful.

A number of 2016 Democratic State Assembly candidates have endorsed Bryan Kennedy for State Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Amanda Stuck for 1st Vice Chair and Mandela Barnes for 2nd Vice Chair. These candidates were in first, second and third tier races. They received various amounts of help and assistance from the state party. They ALL AGREE that permanent, grassroots infrastructure is the only thing that can help them win elections again.

Candidates endorsing the BAM! slate:

14th District—Chris Rockwood
21st District—John Redmond
39th District—Jim Zahn
40th District—Dmitri Martin
51st District—Jeff Wright
55th—Bob Baker
63rd—Andy Mitchell
70th—Mark Holbrook
85th—Mandy Wright
87th—Elizabeth Buffy Riley

“Building an infrastructure of ward captains, issues-based canvassing, social media and digital outreach is the only way for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to get back to the majority, said Kennedy, adding “When you run for office and learn that the Democratic Party cannot help you win, it’s frustrating. We need to build what is needed to help Democrats win up and down the ballot.”

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