One in six Wisconsin children lives in poverty—and these numbers are even worse for children of color.

The long term impacts on children growing up in poverty are detrimental. Children who live in poverty are at greater risk of education challenges, health problems, lower future earnings, and shortened life expectancy.

Kids Forward is committed to fighting this problem. That’s why we recently helped launch a bold new campaign to end child poverty in Wisconsin. End Child Poverty seeks to inspire Wisconsin to set a goal of eliminating child poverty, reducing racial disparities, and establishing evidence-based evaluation of progress to hold ourselves accountable—all of which we hope are enacted into state law. The campaign is currently collecting the signatures of 10,000 Wisconsinites who are pledging to do everything they can to reduce child poverty.

Your support makes our efforts to tackle child poverty possible. Kids should not be punished for being born into poverty. Thank you for helping us make Wisconsin a state where every child can thrive.

Providing opportunity for kids and families is important to us, and we know it’s important to you too. This holiday season, join us in letting every kid, every family, and every community in Wisconsin shine.

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