Urgent: Your Constitutional Freedoms Are at Risk.

Call Your State Senator Now.

On Tuesday November 7th, the Wisconsin Senate is scheduled to vote on a resolution calling for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution, an action that could ultimately threaten our basic freedoms. Your Senator needs to hear from you NOW letting him or her know that you oppose this misguided measure.

Use this site to find the phone number to call your State Senator and ask them to protect the U.S. Constitution!

The U.S. Constitution has been amended successfully several times using a tried and true method, but now Wisconsin is caught up in a different effort. Rather than having Congress and state legislatures vote to approve a specific amendment, the approach being currently pushed would assemble a Constitutional convention at which delegates may be able to make changes to the Constitution with little in the way of checks and balances. The only other Constitutional convention was in 1787, when delegates made wholesale changes to our nation’s governing document.

Congress must call for a convention to amend the Constitution if 34 states pass resolutions calling for one – and already 27 states have passed resolutions. The Wisconsin Assembly has already passed Assembly Joint Resolution 21, and if the state Senate also passes the resolution next week, then Wisconsin would be the 28th state to call for a convention.

Wisconsin’s resolution calls for the Constitutional convention to propose an amendment requiring a balanced budget at the federal level, but states cannot limit the agenda of a convention. A convention would open up the Constitution to whatever amendments delegates choose to propose. Some believe that a Constitutional convention could even rewrite the process for states to ratify amendments. With virtually no precedent, there’s no way to know for sure.

Click here to tell your legislator that we can’t risk a runaway Constitutional convention!

This approach risks unintentionally unraveling our nation’s fundamental rights and freedoms and could make sweeping changes to the Constitution that has served our country well for over 200 years. We need to let our State Senators know we don’t want to go down this dangerous path. Visit www.constitutionaldefenders.org to learn more and to contact your legislators to tell them that Americans across the political spectrum want to defend the Constitution in its current state.

Time is of the essence. Act now to tell your state legislator that we can’t risk re-writing our nation’s governing document. Or better yet – look up your senator’s phone number and let them hear your voice opposing a Constitutional convention.

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