Tiffany Koehler is a candidate for state assembly to replace Representative Bob Gannon in the special election for the 58th Assembly District.

Koehler applauds Governor Walker, Speaker Vos and the rest of the legislature for their hard work on the efforts to reform the foster care system. A series of bills have been introduced to streamline the foster care system and address the core issues of: prevention, foster children, foster parents, county support, termination of parental rights and aging out.

Tiffany knows the importance of foster care due to her time in the foster care system as a youth. It was during her formative years that she latched on to the values of personal responsibility and hard work. One major issue of importance to Tiffany that the bills address deal with the aging out of foster kids. Often times, when foster kids age out they encounter homelessness, drug abuse, and enter the corrections system. Investing in children earlier will save us tax dollars later.

If elected Koehler will continue to be a fierce advocate for foster children and their families.

Thanks again to Governor Walker, Speaker Vos and members of the legislature for their commitment to improving people’s lives and their commitment to moving Wisconsin forward.

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